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  1. bay74

    v11 software update SUCKS

    I once tried to play the games and the PIN-to-drive window kept popping up over the top of the game. I think it was Beach Buggy Racing. Ooops.
  2. bay74

    Tesla Software updates - Australia

    I'm not a fan of the drive selector stalk either. I often have to try a second time to engage Drive after entering the PIN. I'm not using Easy-Entry. It's really annoying. I also hate the refusal to engage reverse consistently. Sometimes you swing towards the kerb to reverse into a driveway...
  3. bay74

    Tesla Software updates - Australia

    Speed limits, especially timed school zones, have been pretty rubbish in suburban Melbourne since I've had the car (2019). I hear that LED speed signs are now recognised but haven't had the chance to test this. Would be good as it's always wrong approaching the West Gate from the city (car...
  4. bay74

    Tesla Software updates - Australia

    I noticed with .16.2 that the power/regen bar is now thicker than a single pixel. Yay. And the speed fonts seem more consistent and easier to read. .16.3 available to download for me.
  5. bay74

    Everything wrong with V11 update / user interface.

    Having now spent some time with v11, something which I'm really struggling with is accessing music. When I want music I instnctively look for something like musical notes (iTunes association probably), intending to get to 'music' and then choose which one I want. I don't start by looking for a...
  6. bay74

    Tesla Software updates - Australia

    Further reinforcing my impression that update option (standard / advanced) is a placebo, I got 2022.12.3.5 yesterday. I've left the option on Standard. Haven't played with the new version yet.
  7. bay74

    Tesla Software updates - Australia

    So was I until the weekend when I was unfortunately forced to "upgrade" (?) as part of the windscreen replacement process (windscreen which Tesla service cracked during the last service appointment 😆). Something about pairing the new cameras. Climate still sucks, but now in a brand new more...
  8. bay74

    Repair/Parts wait times

    I had my windscreen replaced on the weekend, finally came in. Unfortunately, pairing the new cameras with the car required the latest software, so I’ve been forced to downgrade to V11 finally (was quite happy staying on V10). Ugh. Hate the climate controls; why for the love of the Flying...
  9. bay74

    Repair/Parts wait times

    ST1983, I finally heard from Tesla this morning that windscreens will be available shortly (at least here in Vic). Have appointment for Sat week. But who knows how many they have.
  10. bay74

    Tesla no longer including mobile charger bundle?

    I’ve used the mobile connector for almost three years now, never bothered installing the wall connector, just a 15A GPO on the driveway. I’d be surprised if they stop providing the mobile connector with the car in Australia.
  11. bay74

    Repair/Parts wait times

    Not leaking, but interesting about the roof-racks - I have one, though the crack isn't near it. I understand that if the glass is stressed in some way a smaller impact might be required to start a crack. I also see that the middle glass is vertically-flush with the rear glass towards the edges...
  12. bay74

    Repair/Parts wait times

    Tesla messaged me this morning that they still have no date for arrival of windscreens... And just my luck the roof glass cracked on the weekend. Add that to the service appointment / parts wait list. :-(
  13. bay74

    Was wondering if this would be considered a stress crack

    Glad to hear it was treated as a warranty item. Unfortunately on the weekend I saw that the roof glass on my 3 has a crack. Above the driver's head, about 25cm in, from the front edge. Dang! No idea how except possibly the little metal hook of the roof-rack strap might have fallen on it -...
  14. bay74

    What did you sell/trade for your 3?

    Silver 2001 Toyota Camry, sold for about $600. Still ran ok, leaked a bit of oil, felt surprisingly heavy and slow though and drank a lot of fuel considering its "performance" and that it's not that old a car. Other vehicles as per avatar image have not been sold. Quite the contrast with the Tesla.
  15. bay74

    2022 Model 3 - A/C Vents effectiveness?

    It seemed to me when I had a loaner recently that the 2022 Model 3 was cooling more effectively than my (Fremont-built) 2019 when in auto' mode. Or put another way, I had to set a lower temperature on my 2019 in order to be as comfortable. Mind you, the software was the annoying new tap-tap-tap...

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