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    Loss of regen on a full charge

    I'm not the ultimate expert on AC induction motors, but as I understand it, there are two ways to generate a reverse torque. One is the conventional regen method, in which the motor becomes a generator and recharges the batteries, and a second method in which the motor would consume power, much...
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    Production/Delivery Status

    Maybe 1000 soon? The newsletter says the Roadster is "faster than a Porsche 911". That's either misleading or just plain wrong because the 911 has a higher top speed. I think it's more correct to say the Roadster is quicker than a Porsche 911.
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    Winter Tires?

    The Elise is a 4 bolt pattern, the Roadster is a 5 bolt, so that's a no go. There's a discussion on the owners forum about this: http://www.teslamotors.com/owners/forum/index.php?topic=291.0 That was some time ago, and in the US, so the situation may be different now, and certainly...
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    Washington DC sales and service center

    It's about time! I hope to find out more about this on the 24th.
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    Solar Carport

    Don, terrific installation! I have a Sunpower installation also, but I think it was slightly mis-engineered. I have 24 of the 225W panels, but only a 4000W inverter. I think normally the peak power output is only seen during a rather brief time when the sun is just right, but I get a full...
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    FHM magazine 117 mile test around Londons M25

    Or to put it another way, the actual was only 11% less than the ideal miles. Not bad at all! Yet the casual viewer might come away with 117/230, only 50% of the claimed range.
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    FHM magazine 117 mile test around Londons M25

    So they drove 147 miles, still had 15 miles left, and would have had another 40 had they used Range mode, as would have been appropriate since they stated they were testing Tesla's claim of a 230 mile range. The results were actually quite good, the car indicated it could do 117+30+15+40=202...
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    TTAC reviews the Roadster

    Can you tell that Robert Farago has left? He would never have allowed this review to be posted.
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    FHM magazine 117 mile test around Londons M25

    I watched it a second time, and the very first time he mentions the range he says it's at 150 miles. To drop from 244 miles down to 150, I would think he would have already made it at least halfway around the 117 miles loop. A short while later he says it's 80 miles to Heathrow and the range...
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    Tesla for Mistress Transport

    According to today's Washington Post article, David Letterman used his Tesla to drop off his mistress at her place. It must be a good vehicle for such activities; the husband won't hear the motor running! :biggrin:
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    Toyota Floormat Recall: fiery 120mph Lexus crash from stuck pedal

    Most peoples first instinct would be to hit the brakes. Maybe new cars should have a switch that disables the accelerator if the brake is pushed. Of course, sports cars would need a disable switch for autocross fun :biggrin:
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    LA Rally Tesla Hats

    I've thought about about contributing to the charger funds, but it's almost exclusively all about California. Is anyone else interested in getting some public chargers going on the east coast?
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    Financial Times | The battery-powered Tesla two-seater

    THe first negative is that it is the same size as the Elise but costs more? Kind of meaningless if yu ask me. So, if a Ferrari is the same size as a Chrysler, does that mean it shouldn't cost more?
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    2009 Automobile Magazine 6 Page Tesla Spread

    Remember their original plan was a two speed transmission. That would have addressed the top end torque falloff, you would just switch to 2nd gear and keep on accelerating. it was only at after several failed attempts, and about a year behind schedule, that they finally threw in the towel on...
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    2009 Automobile Magazine 6 Page Tesla Spread

    I just finished reading the print version. It's an amazingly positive article. Probably about the most pro-Tesla piece ever written by the media that I have seen. "I will admit to having preconceived notions of how this would work out. I figured that after the Tesla was flatbedded a few times...

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