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    Light Harmonic speaker HONEST review and install

    If you just want to run the sub+amp and get signal to it you can use a t-tap if you don't want to cut the wires. T-taps work most of the time, but at least buy good ones. However, if you're going to run an amp/dsp for your front stage then you'll need to cut the wires anyway unless you want to...
  2. beatle

    Lost Interest

    I'd prefer to talk to a person, especially for an expensive luxury vehicle, but at the least they need to expand their service. I could get an appointment quickly when I purchased my car 2 years ago. Now I have to wait 3 weeks and drive further out to reach an available SC. Responses via the...
  3. beatle

    Light Harmonic speaker HONEST review and install

    I'd do the sub+amp before the front. If you pay a shop to do the work, either ask them to run a big enough wire from the front to support a second amp via a distribution block, or run two power wires while they have the car apart if you ever plan on upgrading to an amp+dsp down the road. You...
  4. beatle

    Lost Interest

    I've joined that camp as well. While I haven't had a really terrible experience (yet) there are plenty of red flags that others have mentioned: lack of communication, reducing vehicles' performance or removing features post-sale, and a lack of repair resources (parts availability, diagnostic...
  5. beatle

    Model S aftermarket speaker upgrade

    Upgrades are a sliippery slope for sure. Installing new speakers is pretty simple, though getting to the midrange drivers in the dash requires some dash components to come off. Some people are happy with Light Harmonic speakers, though they are pricey. A set of speaker adapters will run you...
  6. beatle

    Exact benefit of 19" wheels

    While it's always good to have a good explanation of the numbers and how they translate to power and range, I wish there was more detail as to how their road load is calculated, and how things like wheel offset, wheel/tire weight, contact patch, and tire construction affect the road load. I...
  7. beatle

    New posts in watched forums?

    That did the trick, thanks!
  8. beatle

    New posts in watched forums?

    Before the site redesign there was a way to view all unread posts in watched forums. This minimized having to click back and forth between the various forums someone wanted to read. There is a "What's new" menu, but that picks up threads for all forums with no way to filter these. There is a...
  9. beatle

    Charging two different EV's with one nema 240 volt 14-50 outlet

    You could use something like this: https://www.bsaelectronics.com/collections/electric-range-buddy/products/electric-range-buddy-plus-auto-1-custom-50a-nema-14-50-2-way-splitter-3-5-14-50-cable-to-two-14-50-outlets-with-kwh-meter It's designed for electric ranges, but can also be used to...
  10. beatle

    [updated with *] P85D 691HP should have an asterisk * next to it.. "Up to 691HP"

    Try here: https://www.autoguide.com/auto-news/2015/10/does-the-tesla-model-s-p85d-really-have-691-hp-.html As for your quoted article, it is condescending to the point that it assumes everyone reading it is stupid. When measuring the power available to move the vehicle, the comparative...
  11. beatle

    Fuel saving opinions please

    You didn't mention what your current vehicle is, but a Model S isn't a great vehicle to save money with. Sure, you might get ahead with electric vs. diesel, but they can be expensive to repair, and if you are using it for work, you will likely want a backup vehicle if it breaks and needs...
  12. beatle

    [updated with *] P85D 691HP should have an asterisk * next to it.. "Up to 691HP"

    Well, 691 - 520 = 170hp or so, give or take a few hrspr. If the car actually made close to 691hp it'd be as fast as a MSP, maybe a bit quicker. If your response to this is again going to be, "but it's fast enough as is!" then I feel sorry for you. I am still happy with the car as is, but I...
  13. beatle

    [updated with *] P85D 691HP should have an asterisk * next to it.. "Up to 691HP"

    Those HP calculators are based on ICE power plants, especially the one you linked to that looks like it's from the late 90s. The power curve is different for an EV. ETs can be lower with less hp than an equivalent ICE vehicle because the the power is available immediately and the car has such...
  14. beatle

    No more kW in energy widget

    Have you driven a non-budget basement car built in the past 30 years? Virtually every car has a tach whether it is a manual or automatic.
  15. beatle

    What kind of wheels are these?


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