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    Tesla app version 4.0.0 has app re design for both car and energy

    Android Version 21.20.6 as of September 28. Had an odd occurrence this past week on the "Solar Offset" graph. On September 24 & 25, Tesla app showed solar generation of 0.1 kWh on 24th and 0.0 kWh on 25th. The correct numbers were 39.2 kWh & 67.4 kWh respectively. The only thing I like about...
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    Does grid fluctuation or dirty power cause PW to interpret as grid outage for 5 minutes?

    Re my neighbor's tracking. I suspect he uses somewhat un-scientific observational methods.
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    Does grid fluctuation or dirty power cause PW to interpret as grid outage for 5 minutes?

    Have had my PW2 for about 15 months. While I've only had a couple of grid outages lasting more than a few minutes, maybe for an hour or two, I do get a lot of supposed "outages" for 5 minutes that I suspect may not be true outages. I have a neighbor that tracks outages closely (so as to get...
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    Tesla changed order from PW+ to PW2 - Worth it to still move forward?

    If the main advantage to PW+ is to start up your AC, that could be accomplished by a $250 soft-starter.
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    PW recharging behavior with no sun

    Apparently, I mis-remembered. Looks like it did charge OK the next morning.
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    PW recharging behavior with no sun

    Here's the better screenshot. As far as spike, think I turned AC off immediately with app, could be one or both dehumidifiers, but don't think one uses that much juice. Thanks for the explanations re charging for the grid, very helpful in understanding this complicated technology.
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    PW recharging behavior with no sun

    Is there any downside to having installer set PW to charge from grid. Presume it would only do that if no solar available? After first PW was installed, I came to understand I needed two, which is why I've been waiting 14 months for #2.
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    PW recharging behavior with no sun

    Screenshot of day in question, 6/25/21, attached. Grid outage approximately 1745 - 1850. App was set with Storm Watch on but don't know if it was actually activated. I don't remember seeing it, but hard to say at this point. I've seen the Storm Watch activated maybe five times in 14 months...
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    PW recharging behavior with no sun

    Not sure if this is normal or not. Have PW for about 16 months now. Have 12k solar but PW is backup only. Have one PW, been waiting 14 months for second. True operational grid outages in last 16 months have been few and short. While out of town a couple of weeks ago, during a thunderstorm...
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    Ford Bi-Directional Charger for Ford EVs (and maybe Powerwalls?)

    I'm not interested in V2G, only V2H as a way to add backup capacity for my one PW (been waiting 14+ months for PW#2). Since I may never need my backup PW, it might be money sunk like insurance you never use. But, with say, the Ford F-150, I could get to use an EV daily while also having the...
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    Ford Bi-Directional Charger for Ford EVs (and maybe Powerwalls?)

    Just saw the old news today that Sunrun will be installing 80 amp bi-directional charging stations for the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning EV Sunrun To Install 80-amp Charge Station For All-Electric Ford F-150 Lightning Any thoughts out there on being able to integrate this into an existing 12 kW...
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    which custom mode you should choose for powerwall with net meter and no time based rates?

    I have net metering and set PW for "backup only 100%." While I understand battery will live longer at 70-80%, that will suck if the grid goes out, somewhat defeating the purpose of having the PW. I leave it set at 100%, which means it's usually at 97-98%, rarely at 100%.
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    Backup history detail?

    If the outage is more than 10 minutes, you will get a push notification. That gives a reasonable proximation of the time, but no permanent record. Yeah, wish it would always give the time in the history section.
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    Powerwall Backorders

    With or without solar system? Tesla or 3rd party installer? Thanks.
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    PW phone app backup notification

    On a side note. I compare power outages with a nearby neighbor who has no batteries. Sometimes my app will say I had a brief outage, say 5-10 minutes, that my neighbor doesn't concur with. I don't know if I had an outage or not aside from the app history saying so. Previously, most of out...

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