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  1. Biggie

    Current Delivery Times

    Yikes! We get plenty of snow/ice here in this part of Texas. My MYLR seemed to do okay on packed snow, but for icy roads, I opted to use my wife's Highlander AWD because it was older, cheaper, and less painful to sacrifice should someone hit us. To be fair, I haven't found any car that does...
  2. Biggie

    Current Delivery Times

    I agree. When you pay this much for a car that is reputed to have thin paint, why take chances? When I bought my first MYLR, I got a full wrap with Xpel Ultimate Plus then added ceramic. It cost a bit, but it has already saved me from road rock damage to my hood. Besides the protection, it is...
  3. Biggie

    Corrective steering ruining everything

    Since the latest software update, my MYLR seems to have become much more "nervous." My driving habits haven't changed, and I'm not driving aggressively at all. It's like the phantom braking, except now it is beeping taking credit for avoiding some mishap when I am simply driving down the road...
  4. Biggie

    Supercharger - Lubbock, TX

    Amazing, isn't it? Tesla builds a factory in Texas, but you still can't buy a Tesla in Texas, and you cannot travel everywhere you want to go in Texas. I know Texas is big, but Tesla needs to give us more love!!
  5. Biggie

    Supercharger - Lubbock, TX

    Yes. Placing a Supercharger in Lubbock would open up so many routes and destinations that are only practical in an ICE vehicle now.
  6. Biggie

    "Tesla Offer" Models Y (& S, 3, & X) Powered Frunk Hood Group Buy?

    I installed my own without much difficulty, following the video. The hardest part for me was removing the clips on the original Tesla struts to get them out. (I had to modify an ice pick to turn it into a pick tool.) The other challenge was figuring out how to support the hood while I was...
  7. Biggie

    Current Delivery Times

    I bought MAXpider 3D's from RPMTesla.com. They are a little expensive, but I got what I paid for. Very nice looking, and I have no complaints at all.
  8. Biggie

    2021+ Model S LR Delivery Tracking

    I live in Texas and have not received any messages at all.
  9. Biggie

    2021+ Model S LR Delivery Tracking

    I don't have screen protector for my iPhone or my iPad, BUT I put a matte screen protector on my Model Y. It wasn't for protection, but to reduce glare. It works so well that I have never had an instance where I could not see the screen because of glare.
  10. Biggie

    Home charging help

    This whole topic confused me at first. Before ICE cars could predict range (miles that you could still drive), you had to guess when to stop for gas. Once they got better at estimating your fuel consumption, measuring the fuel in the tank, then displaying how many miles you had left, it became...
  11. Biggie

    Yoke Steering

    I can't fault Randy at all. When you are driving up to 140 mph on a winding mountain road without guard rails, that isn't the time to try something new and different. That said, Randy's choice for that particular race doesn't mean it would be wrong for someone else who has had plenty of...
  12. Biggie

    Yoke Steering

    I just tried watching the video with the sound muted and had the opposite thought. It made me appreciate how easy it is to use the turn indicators. It also showed how clean the view of the instrument cluster is. A round wheel will always obstruct the view at least partially. I remain undecided...
  13. Biggie

    From Bearded Tesla Guy- new 82kwh batteries are in new MY

    What app are you using, and where did you get the adapter? (Sorry if you have already discussed this elsewhere.)
  14. Biggie

    Yoke Steering

    So it's doable. But do you like it better than a round steering wheel? If you had the option to switch now (say, for free), would you?
  15. Biggie

    Poll: FSD is awesome even though it is not FSD

    For me, it only appears to work when you are first in line. It does not ding when you are behind someone else at the light.

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