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    85d battery deteriorating

    My charging speed was slowed but now back to 70-75 in my 2015 85D Scanned the car with OBD scan my Tesla tool and car has 67kWH of usable pack left, I think that's why they slowed my car down. They don't want to end up replacing packs.
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    85D usable full pack 66.7 kWH
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    Battery 85D

    No nothing else other than declining range ☹️
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    Battery 85D

    Usable pack in my 85D seems a bit degraded. Anyone else with similar? Tesla tech refused to give me any details other than it "passed" and was "in line with fleet"
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    Just took a look at the cybertruck. I think the Tesla truck team must have miscalculated their LSD micro-doses. Looks like a three year olds truck drawing. Ford has nothing to worry about now with their electric truck.
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    My S supercharge speed seems to be restricted at ~50KW

    Same happening me, won't go above 50 kw. Tried multiple supercharging stations including newer with few cars and others there getting much higher rate. Does not depend on soc as have brought it by at 20%, also in socal on the coast with temp about 70 F. Did an experiment and my 85d C series...
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    Tesla Researcher Touts Million-Mile Battery Breakthrough

    The battery pack in my 85d heirloom is sitting at about 70% at 86k miles along with a failing MCU, may end up being an expensive antique. An old computer on wheels is just that. Don't want to burst anyone's bubble but it's what is happening to me.
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    85d battery deteriorating

    My battery seems to be failing. 85d with 85k miles. Since buying the car used I have been good to the battery pack - limited supercharging and typically keeping in 20-70% charge range. Did an experiment and ran pack low to 7% and then charged all the way up to 98%. Downloaded file from...