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Recent content by Bouba

  1. Bouba

    The Neuralink Master Thread

    You may, animals don’t
  2. Bouba

    The Neuralink Master Thread

    I don’t care a lot about Twitter....but, Elon...please please please stop testing on animals....it’s not worth it.
  3. Bouba

    Car won't connect to wifi

    Have you tried using your cell phone’s hotspot while it is inside the car?
  4. Bouba

    How to make plaid accelerate faster ?

    But there must be some truth in that🤷‍♂️ Does the car need such a large battery pack if it’s only going 1/4 mile?
  5. Bouba

    2020 Model S with BMW wheels including range impact

    Does anyone know what wheels BMW use on their i7 M Sport....a large heavy saloon like the Model S ? This could settle the argument without all the rancor
  6. Bouba

    Elon & Twitter

    And so is Coke, Pepsi and Heineken...what do these haters drink?
  7. Bouba

    Elon & Twitter

    What will we do if Elon retaliates and pulls the Tesla app from Apple Store 🤷‍♂️😱
  8. Bouba

    Keep phantom drain under control

    Is it worth checking the 12 volt battery in case it has to keep waking up to charge it?
  9. Bouba

    Anyone worried about the value of their Tesla cars plummeting?

    I have to say that the message from the Chancellor of the Exchequer that the government no longer supports electric vehicles probably has affected long term values
  10. Bouba

    Elon & Twitter

    I’m not sure why Elon is receiving so much criticism for the way he runs Twitter... I suspect that he feels right at home at Twitter...it is a software company. Tesla is a software company on wheels and Space X is a software company with tail fins....but Twitter is pure software.. and if anyone...
  11. Bouba

    Elon & Twitter

    There are many factors...a falling market, looming recession, the possibility that the recession will cause some green policies to go on the back burner, the splitting of the shares, Elon’s big sell off etc etc. I also think that investors are seeing EVs coming out of the legacy car makers and...
  12. Bouba

    Elon & Twitter

    I have heard people saying they won’t buy a Tesla because of their distain for Musk...but they tend to be anti ev people to start with. I usually counter by pointing out how evil Henry Ford was and he pales when stacked against Ferdinand Porsche
  13. Bouba

    Anyone worried about the value of their Tesla cars plummeting?

    I also think that Elon knows that success is down to teamwork...and that he is proud of his teams at Tesla and Space X etc...and that is why he is certain that if he gets a better Twitter team then success is assured. Vision, entrepreneurialship and leadership are all part of the mix for any...
  14. Bouba

    SHOULD TESLA BE WORRIED? (2022 Mercedes-Benz EQB Starts at $10k Less Than a Tesla Model Y)

    It’s not even going to be fast after paying 1200 + tax per year 😱
  15. Bouba

    Elon & Twitter

    I think the point is that the political affiliations of Tesla staff don’t affect how they implement FSD (I hope😳🤣) but it can at Twitter....of course I am not for a moment suggesting that people should lose their jobs for the way they vote...but it is reasonable that they leave their politics at...

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