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    Model 3 GPS position error in tunnel

    I drive the Burnley tunnel every day and not had any issue with maps. Sounds like something you will need to raise with Tesla service.
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    While waiting for my M3, I have questions....

    I don't have any data but I would assume the phantom drain number would actually be pretty close to the answer to your question. Phantom drain is as you said when not connected to power. but if the car was plugged in the car would still use the phantom drain power doing what ever it does. When...
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    Tesla Model 3 in Australia

    I agree Speed, temperature and smoothness of driving have the biggest effect for me. I've driven 1500km in my SR+ with total average of 141Wh/km. That includes some spirited driving to Lorne and back for fun and plenty of freeway and traffic from Geelong to Dandenong. The other morning it was...
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    Tesla Model 3 in Australia

    I got a message from Tesla service centre today. I logged an issue with Frunk (lid not level when closed) via the app. There was also a small dent on the boot lid rear panel noted at delivery. They have moved my booking forward for the Frunk lid from end of October until 10th. And they also...
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    Naming Your New Car

    I went with "Wonko The Sane". He is a character from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. He read the side of a box of tooth picks which had instruction on how to use them and decided that the world had gone insane so he built an asylum for it. He built an inside out house where inside was...
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    Tesla Model 3 in Australia

    There was someone asking about kids car seats and space in the model 3 a few pages back. I put both a forward facing and rear facing seat in the car yesterday and took some photos. Loads of room for front passenger. Photo of my legs in the front with seat as far back as it can go, I am only...
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    Tesla Model 3 in Australia

    Ha awesome. Are you a Geelong local or just out for a drive?
  8. B

    Tesla Model 3 in Australia

    Ok so needs to last 18 years then....
  9. B

    Tesla Model 3 in Australia

    Oh and I forgot to say that after about 10 mins of driving little Miss 3.5year old said "Dad, I love your new fast car" If it lasts 15 years maybe she can have it as her first car
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    Tesla Model 3 in Australia

    The big day arrived this morning. Took my 3.5 year old daughter and her car seat for an adventure on the train from Geelong to Richmond. After couple of train changes, some walking and a stop for lunch we made it to Tesla at midday about 30 mins early. They were busy but all looked well in...
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    Tesla Model 3 in Australia

    Missed a call from Tesla today as was stuck in a work meeting. They emailed me shortly after. My delivery is due tomorrow at 1230. Was worried it was going to be a delay call but turns out was ready early so could pick up today. Unfortunately I'm in Sydney for work only flying back tonight...
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    Post delivery FSD purchase for Model 3 not available online

    I asked about this before I purchased and was told that they would apply the value of lct that would have been applied at time of purchase to any fsd bought after delivery so that no net benefit to buying later. The guy claimed they had gotten in trouble from the ATO in the past about this. (I'm...
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    Tesla Model 3 in Australia

    Thanks. I might even do some recon on one of my last diesel fueled commutes next week.
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    Tesla Model 3 in Australia

    Yeah 10hr work day and charge at night and hopefully will make it. Otherwise supercharger in Richmond on the way home. But the long lunch does sound like a good option
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    Tesla Model 3 in Australia

    Got the call 2 days ago and invoices today. Pick up in Richmond 27th September. Sr+ pearl white Build date 8/8/19 Vin 4987xx I thought ANL Warrnambool but that left on the 8/8/19 so not sure. If it did make the ship not sure it would have got much of a QA check on the way out the door...

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