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  1. bryand

    Have you ever kerbed your Aero wheels?

    I have a 21 MiC SR+ and use Ford Magnetic Grey touchup paint, which is a good match.
  2. bryand

    Model 3 key fob Summon

    If the parking space is that tight, the delay between operating the fob button and the car responding could be critical. I always park in the remote corner of the car park to avoid other car doors damaging my car.
  3. bryand

    A positive article on EV motoring from the Beeb!

    £10 for a charge would be a total rip-off, and guarantee nobody uses it.
  4. bryand

    Model 3 key fob Summon

    I can't see how a key fob could possibly control Summon (not enough buttons). In any case, do you really need Summon? In the 6 years I had my Model S I used Summon once. However the key fob has other uses, like enabling walk-away locking without using a mobile phone.
  5. bryand

    Would you buy this? Second hand vs new Model 3

    When you buy a used car some of the warranty has already been used. Teslas can get very expensive once out of warranty. Buy new.
  6. bryand

    Engine Sound Modules? - Pedestrian Warning System (PWS) and Boombox

    One of the first things I bought for my M3 was a PWS canceller, only to find I didn't have PWS anyway, which is great because I value the silence. I take a Darwinian view; people who walk along listening to their iPods etc wouldn't hear a PWS coming anyway. And the old fogies move so slowly you...
  7. bryand

    What did you do to your Tesla Model 3 today?

    I need a holdall for personal kit when I go camping, and the Tesla bag I got for my old Model S is too big for the Model 3. This 60 litre bag should do the job and fits under the boot floor easily.
  8. bryand

    Which are the quietest M3 tyres?

    OK so apart from one vote for Vredestein Quadrac Pros, nobody has any suggestions for quieter tyres. Whilst looking for noise sources, I have added some more rubber seals which have reduced total noise volume slightly, and changed its character (high frequencies attentuated more than lower...
  9. bryand

    UK Model X out-of-warranty issues

    I decided to get rid of my 2016 Model S 70D because of the out-of-warranty repair costs. Some, like replacement front brake discs, were par for the course and to be expected. But there were too many unexpected failures e.g. the battery heater failed, necessitating the removal of the battery to...
  10. bryand

    Trickle charge at caravan site?

    I've used a 16A Commando socket on the UMC at a campsite. The socket was rated at 10A so I set the car to charge at 9A. To my surprise, when I went back the following year it recognised where it was and automatically set the charge rate to 9A!
  11. bryand

    UK For Sale / Wanted / Free [closed for new items]

    Yes, they are still available. Let me know when you're coming up this way.
  12. bryand

    Which are the quietest M3 tyres?

    I drove a Model S for 6 years before the Model 3, so I know what a quiet electric car sounds like!
  13. bryand

    Which are the quietest M3 tyres?

    I've done just over 1100 miles in my M3 SR+, and having dampened down the noise from most sources, I am now being bugged by the tyre noise from the Pilot Sport 4s. Does anyone have any experience/evidence suggesting a quieter tyre, either for summer or all-year use? I already have carpets and...
  14. bryand

    Another Range query....

    I learnt my EV driving on a Mk1 Leaf (80 miles range on a good day). Amongst the habits I picked up: Never pass up the opportunity for a charge Charge little and often because the last 20% takes forever Cruise control can't see the environment and rigidly squanders energy when the driver would...
  15. bryand

    UK For Sale / Wanted / Free [closed for new items]

    They were bought new in 2016, so I assume post-2014.

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