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Recent content by BTaylor32185

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    Car charges beyond set limit

    My Model 3 occasionally continues charging well beyond the limit that I've set. See the image below as an example. Does anyone know what would cause this to occur?
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    Can someone help me understand how my battery is possibly 75 kWh?

    A few things that you may not have considered or factored in... Tesla reserves a buffer of around 3 kWh that you cannot use so you will not be able to use the entirety of the roughly 75 kWh battery pack. 240 wh/mi is not the value used to calculate the rated range on a Long Range RWD Model 3...
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    32A max charge rate of LR Model 3

    That is ridiculous! The PCS (Power Conversion System) is located in the 'penthouse' that is literally part of the battery pack. How is that not covered under the Battery and Drive Unit limited warranty?
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    32A max charge rate of LR Model 3

    Yes. My car is still under 50k miles.
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    32A max charge rate of LR Model 3

    Yes, my PCS replacement was covered under warranty. I would think that the PCS would be considered part of the power train.
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    32A max charge rate of LR Model 3

    I got my car back from the local Tesla Service Center. They determined that the power conversion system was faulty and had to be replaced. The part number of the part that was replaced is below. ASY,PCS,48A,1PH,MDL3(1135558-00-D)
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    32A max charge rate of LR Model 3

    A friend who also owns a Model 3 LR stopped by last night and tested charging his car using my Wall Connector. His car charged at the full 48A for about 30 minutes without any issues so I am pretty sure that the problem is with my car and not my Wall Connector.
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    32A max charge rate of LR Model 3

    The charge port is clean and the cable is not getting hot. I actually had the charge pin replacement done last year during a mobile service visit. Somehow my car's charge rate is getting worse. Now it maxes out at 16A. I have scheduled a service appointment but the soonest that I can get in is...
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    32A max charge rate of LR Model 3

    My 2018 LR RWD Model 3 is unable to charge faster than 32A using my Tesla Wall Connector instead of the 48A that it normally does. I tried unplugging and retrying the charging as the error message suggested and I also tried resetting my Wall Connector but neither of those things helped. It...
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    Software Gurus...estimate size of Tesla software development team

    I think that your guesses are way off. Tesla easily has well over 100 software engineers. A simple search on LinkedIn proves this. They have a lot of different types of software to develop / maintain. User Interface software for the vehicles (Everything that you see on the screen in the car)...
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    Front USB ports not working

    I'm also experiencing problems. There is a Reddit thread about the topic as well. 2019.8.3 Software Update Megathread : teslamotors
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    Unable to upgrade to FSD through Tesla website

    I am unable to upgrade from Enhanced Autopilot to Full Self Driving through the Tesla website. The Proceed To Checkout button is disabled and it says "No upgrades are available at this time". Does anyone else have this problem? I'd like to upgrade before the price jumps back to $4,000.
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    Activate the rear window defroster from app

    Is there a way to activate the rear window defroster using the Tesla app? I thought that I read somewhere that turning the heat to high would do this but when I tried doing so the other day before leaving work, I arrived to my car to find that the defroster was not on and it did not appear like...
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    Winter tires for 18” Aeros

    I'd say that the Nokian Hakka R3s are the best studdless winter tire but the X-Ice i3s are an excellent alternative if you can't find the R3s in stock or want to save a little bit of money.
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    Any way to keep the A/C on for short stops?

    I had a similar problem when I parked my car in a location where the car did not have cell service so I couldn't pre-cool the car using the app. I got in the car and the A/C turned on but I could not figure out how to get the A/C to stay on after I got out and closed the door. Leaving my phone...

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