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  1. Castaway

    Model X (only) - FSD beta

    I really wonder if Tesla does A/B testing. That would totally account for how people have drastically different experiences.
  2. Castaway

    Model X (only) - FSD beta

    I have the opposite problem... mine only has one braking level. Need to slow down for a speed change or red light? Let's slam on the brakes real hard. So much so, that I end up with brake dust on my rims.
  3. Castaway

    No luck using VIN searches

    That's a very early VIN... some early Model X's had some initial issues that were worked out as production went on. Seeing that that this was a lemon-law buyback, it makes me think that this particular example might be one of those that had issues... Note: There is no requirement that a...
  4. Castaway

    How to get my music info back

    Tap on one of the music source icons. If they're not in the dock area, you may need to tap the [...] icon to open the app menu. Once it opens up, you can drag to size. It can be one of 3 sizes. In theory, it should remember that size.
  5. Castaway

    Very strange SiriusXM behvaior (no not disappearing app)

    Your X is getting the actual radio signal via the satellite. However, it does get channel listing and frequency via LTE for some reason. So, if you lose LTE service and were already listening to it, it will continue to play. But if you were on streaming, and try to switch to SXM, it won't load...
  6. Castaway

    How do I unlock and open the driver door?

    On mine, I have to press the side closest to the front on the front doors, and the rear on the rear doors.
  7. Castaway

    How do I unlock and open the driver door?

    My guess is that the handle button is no longer working, and might need to be replaced. If the door opens with the remote, then clearly the mechanics of the door are working. So that leaves the trigger button.
  8. Castaway

    Missing Premium Audio Settings

    If I recall, the base system has a few less speakers. I don't think it has a subwoofer, but I could be mistaken. It also does not have SiriusXM. The only way to tell if it is acceptable for you would be to give it a listen.
  9. Castaway

    Missing Premium Audio Settings

    It's not impossible... but improbable. Either way, it's a red flag. At best, the seller is misinformed as to what their car has. Could they be referring to the Premium Upgrade Package? Up until sometime in late 2017 I think, audio was a separate upgrade package. So it was possible to have the...
  10. Castaway

    SXM on Model X?

    Depending on what you listen to, you're probably better off streaming from the app anyway. The channel lineup is so messed up. Outside of Hits 1, none of the channels I listen to are where they say they are. So it's impossible to find anything. It's a mess.
  11. Castaway

    SXM on Model X?

    SXM capability was part of the Premium Audio package. This package was optional prior to September, 2018. Check your Car's "Additional Vehicle Information". If it says Audio system: Base, then you do not have it. If it says Audio system: Premium -- then you should have it.
  12. Castaway

    What other EV SUVs have you considered?

    The Audi e-Tron series and Jaguar I-Pace series are out there. I've been hoping Mercedes-Benz would get their act in gear. Their EQ line has potential.
  13. Castaway

    Moving to Alaska with Tesla X

    I didn't think there were any service centers in Alaska? I think that would be my bigger concern...
  14. Castaway

    Model X Service Center Issues

    Wait... I'm confused. When it died the first time, who replaced it?
  15. Castaway

    Model X (only) - FSD beta

    Had the opportunity for an extended drive with 10.9 the other day. Overall, it did OK... but it has its moments of frustration. Nothing new, though. For whatever reason, it continues to prefer (and sometimes insist) on staying in the far left lane on a 3 lane county road. Didn't matter that my...

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