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  1. cbutters

    Cybertruck 240v output power?

    I'm also interested in how much power you could push through the cybertrucks 240 output. Most likely it will depend on the power connector they choose to use. Just because people will want to use it to do do conventional tools and welding equipment; I have to imagine they will use something...
  2. cbutters

    In February Musk stated he'd release renditions "in about a month."

    Confused.... Post Date says Jan 28th Post Title: references "In February Musk Stated..." Post Content: says "It's been 2 months" Current Date: March 3rd So many questions.... If you meant musk said this in February 2020, then two months past then would be April 2020, but You posted in Jan...
  3. cbutters

    Why do so many Tesla owners wrap their cars?

    I think it is because many Tesla owners are actually conservative spenders; who are spending way more than they ever would for any other car, They spent 50k+ on a Tesla, when normally they just drive used honda civics or mazdas, or cheap hybrids, but just because they are geeks or enjoy the...
  4. cbutters

    Model 3 new USB C center console data hub from model Y?

    I bought a second adapter; just in case I want to do the front in the future.... But I don't see myself doing it soon; I ran cables from the 12V outlet years ago now bringing some higher powered cable leads to my jeda for fast wifi charging, so the cost benefit of doing it in the front is low...
  5. cbutters

    Model 3 new USB C center console data hub from model Y?

    Did a video when I upgraded the rears if anyone wants a visual walkthrough before pulling the trigger:
  6. cbutters

    Model 3 new USB C center console data hub from model Y?

    I just got my adapter in the mail yesterday and the rear vent assembly from tesla today. I put it in without a hitch; and I was able to use 2 usb-c watt meters and show 25+ watts pulling on each port AT THE SAME TIME! That means you can pull 50+ watts of power out of those rear ports combined...
  7. cbutters

    Black Model 3 parts on Tesla Parts catalog

    Ha, one time I bought a base model Mazda 3 and it had roll up windows. I browsed the parts catalog and retrofitted power windows including new wiring harnesses; I was also able to upgrade the steering wheel and add in cruise control by meticulously going through the parts catalog, buying the...
  8. cbutters

    2020.24.6.4 !

    Depends... How cold is it outside? Preconditioning could definitely help for a 50kw charger if it was winter outside and your car was frozen.
  9. cbutters

    Model 3 bio-defense filter? Anyone heard of one?

    I have one of those HEPA filters from the amazon link. It smells nice and seems to be working as my airflow is more restricted than before; I have to bump the fan rate up a bit to get the desired cooling/ heating effect occasionally. Remember that if you want to use it for filtering purposes...
  10. cbutters

    Retro fit AP 2.5 to 3.0 is starting to happen

    I agree! I'm so tired of seeing people confuse the two and giving out misinformation.
  11. cbutters

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Tesla could make this a profit center. I can't imagine the parts of an MCU (intel atom and LCD screen) are more than $500 and labor to install couldn't be more than $500 as well. I'm sure plenty here would pay ~3K for the upgrade. I'd bet they could have 300 million dollars in revenue and 200...
  12. cbutters

    News for Model X owners with the dreaded shudder

    I've had amazing service at the Salt Lake City Service Center; I had previously expressed interest in getting my shudder fixed (Months ago) and they said there would be a fix out soon. They called me a month ago saying they had the new fix and parts available. THEY CALLED ME! My X was at a body...
  13. cbutters

    Aero wheels on P3D+

    Very cool to see; I have daydreamed a lot about installing the stock aeros in the front on my P3D+ keep the info coming!
  14. cbutters

    After 6 months or more of ownership (Model M3) - Poll

    P3D Took delivery Sep 2018; Voted Better than when I took delivery. -I now have NOA -Tesla sent me a 5K refund check for free SC -I now have CHADEMO charging (which is free to me in my area, so I no longer regret giving up my free supercharging) -Car charges faster than when I took delivery...
  15. cbutters

    245 miles at 80 percent - Mid Range

    I had this issue; my LR said 100% was 280 miles. I found hanging out for a week or two in 20%-50% battery range (charging only to 50%) and then finally charging to 100% (be sure to let it continue charging at 100% until it says "Charging Complete" This seemed to have recalibrated the battery and...

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