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    Tesla Coat Hooks: What am I missing?!

    The hooks only work on the seats with adjustable headrests. Tesla needs to do a better job identifying the compatible seats on the description. I returned mine and received a refund.
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    Financing rates

    I’ve used EECU for my last three vehicle loans. They seem to usually have the best rates. https://www.myeecu.org/home/loans-credit-cards/auto-rv-boat
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    Do they fix cars from ev-cpo thru tesla?

    Tesla is constantly adding or taking supercharging away from various types of vehicles new / used / etc. Again, get everything in writing or take screen shots of what is online.
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    Do they fix cars from ev-cpo thru tesla?

    The month of production on the vin / vehicle information sticker in the photographs. I believe MCU2’s went into the vehicles in mid to late March of 2018. I’d say an April 2018 vehicle would safely have an MCU2. Please double check the date as I’m merely basing it off of what I have read.
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    Do they fix cars from ev-cpo thru tesla?

    No they do not. The vehicles are essentially sold as is. I have read of them fixing cosmetic damage if it is not disclosed in the photographs of the vehicle. I believe the buyer asks for a “due bill” with a list of the items to be repaired. I however would not trust anything that is not in...
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    New LR OR Wait...

    I would wait until at least after battery day. It is highly likely there will at least be an increase in range, if not something more (interior, exterior, etc). In the end it is a personal choice, my choice would be to wait.
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    New Car! Paint issue :(

    This comes down to personal preference. I think those spots are unacceptable on any car, much less a Tesla. I would return that car and request a new one. If it’s able to be repaired, they can fix it on their own time and resell it. You should not have to be without a vehicle while they...
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    Question about Aero Wheel Cap Kit

    Be careful with the valve stem caps. Some brands have been known to seize onto the valve stem, resulting in a situation where it has to be cut off. The TPMS sensor then has to be replaced. I have no clue which brand you bought, so I can’t say whether this will happen with yours or not. I believe...
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    AP1 P85/P90D Firmware Thread

    Sounds like my seat of the pants aka butt dyno isn’t too far off. I’m glad it’s been confirmed that performance has not dropped off as a result of this update. Thanks for the update Grumble.
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    AP1 P85/P90D Firmware Thread

    I believe the cheetah stance is indeed only for Raven suspension vehicles. I tested it only to see if maybe the pre-raven air suspension vehicles would do it as well. My car did not drop in the front. The update has definitely changed the launch mode, but only in the way I described in my...
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    AP1 P85/P90D Firmware Thread

    I updated to 2020.12.5 today. No discernible difference in performance. It does have the new launch mode sequence, but I did not notice a further drop of the nose (cheetah stance). For reference, 2016 P90DL refresh MCU1/AP1. Suspension was set to low prior to launch. I took a video to see if it...
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    Body Colored Plastic Trim

    Looks good! How much did you end up paying and who did the work? Thanks in advance.
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    Cruise Control Unavailable...

    Did that fix your issue?
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    Cruise Control Unavailable...

    I just experienced this same issue this week. The service center replaced the front camera to resolve the issue.
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    Adjusting Headlight Angle

    The headlights can be adjusted with a phillips head screwdriver. Remove the panels near / above the headlights and the adjustment screws should be visible, they are white in color. I just adjusted mine two weeks ago for better visibility, it’s very straightforward.

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