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    Range on road trip much lower than expected (<200 miles on full charge)

    My car is a 2121 Model Y, with 20" Induction tires, just upgraded to the Holiday release. Taking a road trip from Seattle to Eugene OR. Taking the trip on I-5, I've noticed that depending on my speed, I'm getting as little as half of the nominal range. Once I got to measuring, I noted the...
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    Explainer on current SW versions...?

    Update: according to one poster, 2021.32.31 still has the button.
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    Explainer on current SW versions...?

    Reading a few different threads here, and I'm only getting more confused in terms of what the various software versions are and who's eligible to receive them. For my part, I'm running 2021.22.x and have requested the FSD Beta, although I have not received it yet (my Safety Score is only 90...
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    Updates stopped on "Advanced" car -- continue on "Standard" car

    To be clear that this doesn't put you on a non-FSD software track... does .32, .26, ... still have The Button?
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    Work-from-home/Pandemic charging practices

    That's my pattern as well - I can't leave my car plugged in 24/7 (I have to lay it across a sidewalk with a cord cover...not ideal but it's the card I'm dealt), so I plug it in below 50%, with the charge limit set to 70%; if I know I'm going to be driving, say, >30 miles that day, I'll move it...
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    40amp 14-50 outlet vs Wall Connector Gen 3

    Agreed, but with one caveat: if you're planning on unplugging the mobile charger to take it with you when you drive, you'll want to check your receptacle model. If it's a residential-grade (vs commercial grade), be aware that it's not designed for large number of plug/unplug cycles, likely...
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    Tesla Wall Connector - worth it?

    One benefit of a WC, beyond what others have mentioned, is that a NEMA 14-50 outlet, unlike household 5-15s, really aren't designed for a large number of plug-unplug cycles, as most types of equipment that use them are fixed (electric ranges, hot water heaters, etc). So if you want to keep a...
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    Does anyone charge from a regular outlet?

    One thing you may want to look into is if it's possible to swap in a NEMA 5-20 outlet and 20A breaker, which can increase your charging rate as much as 33% (possibly more in cold weather). If the branch wiring to the outlet is 12 AWG or larger, and doesn't have any other substantial loads on it...
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    Optimal battery temps for Level 2 charging

    I haven't seen an authoritative source (other members, please link if you have one), but various threads here seem to converge on ~50°F as the threshold below which the car needs to proactively heat the battery. Unless you're paying a lower off-peak rate, it's best to charge when it's warmer...
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    Can we manually set the charging speed to a lower rate in a Tesla Wall Connector?

    As others have said, you can "lie" to the WC during commissioning and tell it that it's connected to a smaller breaker, but your savings will most likely be minimal. I'd argue there could be other benefits of running less current through the system (less waste heat, lower peak draw for the...
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    Newest wall charger questions

    There's really no operational control of the WC directly after you commission it and set the device' maximum amperage...you did configure it to match your breaker, right? After commissioning, charge control such as scheduling, maximum current, etc are controlled from the car when you plug it...
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    PPF covering sensors - can I trim this off?

    As expected, the rings dried out and now look the same as before, thankfully. No sensor issues so far.
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    Any Issues Using GFCI Breakers for Charging Circuit?

    If you are hard-wiring a wall connector, the GFCI is present in the unit, and as such the instructions state that there should not be a GFCI breaker on the circuit, as multiple GFCIs can cause unexpected trips, as some have reported here. A prior resident of a friend's home had a 14-50 plug...
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    Anyone use this Romex 6/3 cable during install?

    12AWG is acceptable for a 20A circuit, but will generate more waste heat that will translate into a larger voltage drop on the wire; if the voltage drop is large enough (typically > 10V), the car will reduce its draw from 16A to 12A, eliminating the benefit of installing a 5-20 in the first...
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    4G LTE upgrade appointments hard to get!

    The issue isn't the relative bandwidth, it's that AT&T is turning off their 3G network next year, so 3G cars that don't get the upgrade will lose connectivity.

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