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    Aftermarket Dashcam

    Thank you for taking the time to capture all those detail picture of the install, Ray K. You did a really good job routing and hiding it. I bought a 70mai A800 dashcam, its coming in a wk. It seem to have good reviews at a low price. I will post some feedback after my install.
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    Aftermarket Dashcam

    Thanks for all the replies, ideas and youtube link. It really does make me wish car manufactures would put in a proper dashcam, LOL.
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    Question about not-at-fault vandalism insurance claim (Geico) - will it affect rate?

    A long time ago. My Dad's car was hit twice within the same year on the way to work. Both time, it was not his fault and the other insurance cover it. When it was time for his renewal, his rates increased a significant amount. He called them asking why. They told him even though he was not...
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    Aftermarket Dashcam

    How are you guys wiring the dashcam. Where are you tapping into for power. Looking for ideas. Any pictures would be greatly appreciated.
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    Aftermarket Dashcam

    Interesting. i have to give that a try. If I understand it correctly, even with 1hr loop recording the old videos are still there and not erased? I have a 1T SSD drive in my car...there should be lot of space.
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    Aftermarket Dashcam

    The reason I asked about the aftermarket dashcam is that TeslaCam only records your last drive or if you honk, or hit the button or it detect something happen to you. For example, my wife told me she run over something few days ago and it hit the bottom of the car. When i looked the teslacam...
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    Aftermarket Dashcam

    Does anyone use an Aftermarket Dashcam. If so, please post what you use. Any recommendation would be appreciated.
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    how much mileage do you lose if you remove the aero wheel cover?

    I had my Aero wheels on the first 20k mile, until I discover it was scratching the crap out of the rims below. I took it off after that. Now my car is at 42k mile. I looked at my energy consumption wh / mile. And did not noticed any significant difference. I think other factors affect it...
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    Dashcam Question

    How long (duration) does the dashcam records? One hour, two...etc? Or the entire trip under I stop, however long that would be? How many dashcam events does the dashcam records? For example, if I drive to work and back home. I could only find the drive back home in the recent tab. There...
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    How much battery will I use up sitting in the car for 6 hours?

    This is really good information to have. My wife always kicks me out of the car and drags me to go shopping with her instead of letting me wait and watching a movie in the car, because she thinks it would consume too much electricity. Than again, she might still drag me with her...
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    Small nail in tire

    My lesson learn is that, always ask if they had experience doing the repair before letting them do it. I took it to Sears (when they were still in business). Sears made the attempt but still leaks. I than took it to discount tire, they wont touch it because Sears already touch it. Took it to...
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    Tire Wear and Rotation

    I was measuring the thread depth on my tires and got the following Front Driver Side 5/32________Front Passenger 5/32 Rear Driver side 4/32________Rear Passenger 6/32 I hear the M3 is rear bias. If I rotate the front set to rear, wouldn't that continue the offset between the 4/32 and 6/32...
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    How does Ohmmu Battery perform in Hot Climate

    I thought LiFePo could not be charge below 0C
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    How does Ohmmu Battery perform in Hot Climate

    I keep reading people replacing there M3 12v battery with Ohmmu. And most of those with early 12v battery failure lives in hot climates. My question is how does Ohmmu perform in those same hot climate. What make it last longer or better than AGM battery in those area.
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    Does any one know what this part is?

    Wow, thanks guys. Gotta love the internet and people that helps. I would have never guess its from the garage opener. I lube the chains every few months and never even notice there is a cover.

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