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  1. Colby Boles

    Model X front air suspension failure

    Do you have any forum or other references for these failures. My car is an early build (VIN 24xx), and I did notice when looking for replacement part on my own that there was a newer part number for these front air struts that seller (who I presume was quoting some Tesla service doc) said they...
  2. Colby Boles

    Model X front air suspension failure

    Perhaps a shorter question might get this rolling. Has anyone experienced an air suspension breakage like this? The whole thing is a bit baffling to me as this component doesn't really take any big transient loads - the dampers play that role.
  3. Colby Boles

    Affordable, Lightweight 19" Forged Wheels for Model X?

    One of the issues you will run into non-staggered is that you will have trouble finding a tire which is in the right load range for the rear, unless of course you err on the wide side for the front, which will create its own issues and be counter to your stated goal of better mileage.
  4. Colby Boles

    Model X front air suspension failure

    Background: For more than half of the Summer days, we live up in the Sierras near Donner Pass in California. The last 2.5 miles of road to our property is a dirt / rock road that is graded every year by the utility (PG&E) that also manages a lake up there. Most of the road is relatively smooth...
  5. Colby Boles

    Double vision (ghosting) at night through windshield?

    Update on this - they did find the part number (the SC person admitted that they were using the internal part system wrong which was why they couldn't find it). I also confirmed that the aformentioned part number is what one would get for our car if they ordered a windshield for it today. Where...
  6. Colby Boles

    Double vision (ghosting) at night through windshield?

    The crazy part is that the SC front desk staff who booked the appt. completely knew what I was talking about, but the service people seem to have no knowledge of the windshield change and can't find any reference to it in any internal service documents. I suspect Tesla is keeping a very low...
  7. Colby Boles

    Double vision (ghosting) at night through windshield?

    I'm still at a loss with this problem. After months of waiting for a replacement windshield to arrive at the San Francisco SC, one of the SC staff there said that we should just schedule the service appt. and the windshield will get sent ahead of time for that service. That appointment came last...
  8. Colby Boles

    Tire Wear experiences?

    Check my Michelins out. These were at about 22k mi. Right rear was through two layers of steel belting on the inside. Vehicle was set to go to low above 50mph. Will be installing camber adjusting bushings to avoid this with the new Conti DWS06s .
  9. Colby Boles

    Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06

    I just wanted to vouch for the DWS06s also - I'm running the 265 and 275s and it is a better tire in every way compared to the stock Michelins. Quieter too, without foam.
  10. Colby Boles

    New: Adjustable camber bushings.

    Has anyone installed these yet? After going about 20k on the Michelins and wearing through two layers of steel belting only at the very inside of the rear tires and having about 6/32" everywhere else, I'm ready to change the camber a bit at the low setting to avoid wasting the next set of tires...
  11. Colby Boles

    Tire Wear experiences?

    I put on a set of Conti DWS06s which have no foam and I find them quieter that the OEM Michelins with the foam. I'm really liking these new tires.
  12. Colby Boles

    Non-staggered for Model X

    All good comments below. I spent some time thinking about these same issues, wanting to go non-staggered. I wanted to add a #4: 4. The 265 tires I looked at (and ended up buying for the front), Continental ExtremeContact DWS06s, have a lower load rating than the 275 version of the same tire...
  13. Colby Boles

    Double vision (ghosting) at night through windshield?

    So an update from the San Francisco Service Center today. I spoke to one service rep on the phone about the fact that I had heard that some people on TMC had finally resolved their ghosting issues with a new windshield, and that I was interested in finally doing the same. He said that he was not...
  14. Colby Boles

    Double vision (ghosting) at night through windshield?

    The ghosting is also very noticeable in the daytime, but it can be remedied by wearing polarized sunglasses, which I started doing as soon as I got the car as it was making my eyes very tired otherwise. I'm not a lemur or Cory Hart, so wearing my sunglasses at night is not an option.
  15. Colby Boles

    Double vision (ghosting) at night through windshield?

    I was supposedly on the 'list' too and never heard a peep. My car is actually in the shop right now for the parking brake recall. Did your new windshield finally solve the problem? If so I'll try to get mine done.

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