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  1. corndog

    Uneven tyre wear

    I'm at nearly 65k and on my second set of tyres. My front tyres always wear very evenly. No problems there at all, but the rear tyres are tricky. The factory alignment specs call for too much toe in on the rear, which causes the very inside edge to scrub badly. I've almost completely solved this...
  2. corndog

    Light bar upgrade in Aus: suggestions & where have you mounted your switch?

    Actually I never ended up installing lights. It was turning into too much work for the amount of use I'd get. I was planning to hide an isolation switch in the footwell. There is a hole in the plastic cover under the steering column, and to the left. It could be used to mount a switch, while...
  3. corndog

    Pocket Lights

    In case anyone is interested in how I installed and activated door pocket lights in my 2020 3LR: I ordered lights from Tesla and wired them into the original wiring in the doors (the ones that were cut off from factory). They didn't work automatically and Tesla were unwilling to activate them...
  4. corndog

    The Stealth Hitch is now complied in Australia thanks to TOCA!

    Yes it came with the 13-pin outlet. I was planning to re-wire it to 7-pin, but ended up just getting an adapter instead.
  5. corndog

    The Stealth Hitch is now complied in Australia thanks to TOCA!

    I got a genuine Tesla trailer ECU and tow bar from Norway. Can confirm that it's plug and play. Works 100% no problem. The only thing it doesn't do is give you trailer mode. Trailer mode isn't that great anyway. Kind of a pain tbh.
  6. corndog

    Model 3 Performance sound system upgrade

    It's absolutely possible and heaps of people have done it. It's no more difficult or complicated than a "normal" car, except there are a few minor differences. Search these forums and you'll find tons of info. I used Travis Llado's blog as a main guide. Link below. The main things you need to...
  7. corndog

    New headlights retrofit

    The ride height sensors are in EU spec cars, not US. Apparently a regulatory requirement in EU. They're suspension position sensors on the LHS front and rear suspension. They measure the ride height upon closing of the doors, then quickly adjust the height of the headlights (see here >> ). This...
  8. corndog

    "Almost all input is error. Car should do the right thing automatically."

    I think this is where Elon gets it wrong. He can't seem to comprehend user preference. I fully expect they'll one day put the HVAC temperature control behind a menu. Personally, I want all the HVAC controls visible and one-touch all the time. Most people probably don't. I get that. I don't like...
  9. corndog

    Bike Rack - Roof vs Trunk vs Hitch

    If anyone's interested; I use a hitch mounted rack on my 3LR. Just before xmas I did a trip with 6-7hrs of driving, 2 bikes on the back, and loaded to the brim with camping gear. Efficiency was down about 10-15% from normal. I think I've heard people losing 30+% on the roof....?
  10. corndog

    M3 Premium System EQ Bands and Sub Level Control

    I was playing around similarly a bit over a week ago using Android AudioTool. I'm not 100% sure, but I had concluded that the EQ still affected sub. Your thoughts?
  11. corndog

    Some of us want to hear our Subwoofer more than we hate road noise.

    Only the mids are odd (3ohm), but there are a couple of good aftermarket swaps available (focal or JBL, which is actually a rebranded focal, but cheaper). The woofers and sub are pretty normal.
  12. corndog

    Spotify playlists ignore a lot of tracks

    I haven't noticed this, but I have noticed that it doesn't list all my followed artists. For me it stops at F, then shows "Recommended Artists".
  13. corndog

    Spotify: Bluetooth vs Tesla built in app

    I also want to add that, while it would be nice to know the actual bitrate, it doesn't really matter. What matters is how it sounds to you. Pick the source that sounds good for you.
  14. corndog

    Spotify: Bluetooth vs Tesla built in app

    I would normally agree with you, except that over the last couple of years, there have been several SW updates that people have claimed made the sound better. Each time I would check, and each time it was extremely obvious to me that it was still terrible. I won't claim to be able to pick the...
  15. corndog

    Spotify: Bluetooth vs Tesla built in app

    Nope. I never use immersive sound. I've had it off since day 1.

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