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  1. corndog

    The Stealth Hitch is now complied in Australia thanks to TOCA!

    I've concluded that they just don't give a sh!t. Sales are already outstripping demand. We're a small market, so it's not worth the hassle for them. Also, no, what scomo said is not true at present, and was not true when he said it. This suggests to me that they've given up on the towbar idea...
  2. corndog

    The Stealth Hitch is now complied in Australia thanks to TOCA!

    Actually EU tow bars are already accepted under ADR. So there is literally no red tape. There is exactly zero extra regulatory approvals to do, as the car is already certified for towing in Australia.
  3. corndog

    Spotify: Bluetooth vs Tesla built in app

    If I knew that, I wouldn't be asking haha! I think someone (maybe in this thread) estimated it based on wifi usage, but I don't think anyone has managed a direct measurement.
  4. corndog

    Spotify: Bluetooth vs Tesla built in app

    Has anyone else noticed that in-car Spotify sounds better than it used to? Green mentioned it on twitter a couple weeks ago, so I had a listen myself, and I agree. When comparing against my bluetooth stream, I find it very hard to tell the difference now. I think Tesla have finally uncorked the...
  5. corndog

    Has Spotify bitrate increased??

    I don't use immersive sound at all. I always have it off. I doubt it's anything on Spotifys end, since Spotify Connect already streams at 320kbps by default. The consensus is that Tesla have likely been throttling it to save data. Now it sounds like they've lifted the restriction.
  6. corndog

    Has Spotify bitrate increased??

    I haven't seen anyone talking about this, apart from @greentheonly mentioning it on twitter recently. This morning I checked for myself, and I think he might be right! For context; I stop short of claiming to be an audiophile, but I am pretty picky when it comes to music listening. I always...
  7. corndog

    Any SR Owners Wired Up Map Pocket Lights?

    Waking up this old thread! I'm planning to get door pocket lights working in my 2020 3LR. Mine didn't come with them installed, and I'm actually the person that discovered the wiring harnesses were physically cut and unpowered. So I've ordered some lights from Tesla and I'm looking into to how...
  8. corndog

    The Stealth Hitch is now complied in Australia thanks to TOCA!

    Just when in use. The car detects that the trailer lights are connected and enters trailer mode. I think you can manually deactivate trailer mode though, but I'd have to check to be sure.
  9. corndog

    cyber truck tailgate

    I'm still bummed this never happened. I really really want air suspension in my 3, but don't really want to the hassle of aftermarket.
  10. corndog

    The Stealth Hitch is now complied in Australia thanks to TOCA!

    I'm sworn to secrecy and have already said too much... You should also ask if you even want the tow package configured. Pros: - Deactivates the rear parking sensors - Apparently has a safety feature to detect and react to trailer sway Cons: - TACC only sets to current speed, rather than the...
  11. corndog

    The Stealth Hitch is now complied in Australia thanks to TOCA!

    I was in the same boat as you until I got sick of waiting. Earlier in this thread I discussed it; I imported an OEM tow bar from Norway, which also came with the wiring system. It was just plug and play to the existing wiring loom already in the car. All the lights worked straight away, but...
  12. corndog

    The Stealth Hitch is now complied in Australia thanks to TOCA!

    Direct quotes from Tesla emails I received: "Be advised if there's any damage caused as a direct result of the installation of a third party tow bar will void your warranty." Then clarified further: "Regarding the Warranty point raised by my colleague [redacted], that is correct it is in...
  13. corndog

    Online survey on fostering and improving electric vehicles and the adoption of its services (Tesla cars as case study).

    I got a fair way through it, but the questions don't quite sit right with me. Hard to explain, but they're a bit weird and seem like the results could be taken with different meanings than the respondents intended. Some questions can be interpreted in different ways, some seem conditional or...
  14. corndog

    Model 3 headlights adjustable?

    Over 20 months of ownership I've learned a lot about how the headlights in the Model 3 work. I have the older style lights, but I'm pretty confident that what I'm about to tell you holds true for the new style lights too. I hate the Model 3 headlights (short throw being one of the reasons), so...
  15. corndog

    Do latest Oz Model 3’s come with radar, passenger lumbar support & boombox?

    Worth mentioning that the radar question likely doesn't matter. It's expected that even cars with radars will have those radars turned off anyway, as all the cars transition to vision-only software.

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