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    New Model S Plaid/LR. whistling wind noise at 79+ MPH

    That's what I'm starting to wonder. It feels like it's from the rear, but it's high-pitched so it's possible my perception of it is just wrong. My next step will be to get a passenger or two and have them sit in the back seat and see if I'm right/wrong. How did you figure out that was the...
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    New Model S Plaid/LR. whistling wind noise at 79+ MPH

    That's awesome. They just spent a week getting the rear glass re-aligned (cut it out and re-adjusted it), and the noise is still there. They didn't do anything to the trunk itself allegedly, but the service guy did visually inspect everything and didn't notice an issue. Back to the drawing...
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    19" tires on Plaid and LR

    Yeah it annoyed me because Tesla is so hands-off with everything. Just use the app, it'll be fine. No need to look the car over, you can just let us know after. Then I ask about something they told me verbally, and suddenly they want documentation. I have none because when I asked over text my...
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    Plaid Impressions, Road Noise & Real Solutions

    I'm aware..
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    Plaid Impressions, Road Noise & Real Solutions

    3dB shouldn't be that much of a difference, but the difference in frequency of the noise could make it seem better/worse. The car is definitely not quiet, and it's a shame ANC hasn't been released yet so we could get some real reviews about how effective it is. My understanding is that tires...
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    New Model S Plaid/LR. whistling wind noise at 79+ MPH

    Ha yeah, that showed up in my recommended after the other one so I watched it. I'm down to do that but would need to find a space + buy an air compressor. That'll be my plan after ther service center trip disappoints in 2 weeks..
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    New Model S Plaid/LR. whistling wind noise at 79+ MPH

    Interesting... The trunk was actually poorly done, so I adjusted it following the rule the guy used in the second video. It feels more secure now and even looks more even, but the wind noise is still there fully. I tried clicking on biohazard mode while it was on, and I think it cut down on...
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    New Model S Plaid/LR. whistling wind noise at 79+ MPH

    I tried taping up various areas back there with no luck. I did the trunk window, the right side of the trunk, the entire rear right door, the window on that door. I haven't done anything forward of that, or the entire trunk itself. It's hard to test unless I make a day of it....need to be...
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    19" tires on Plaid and LR

    Thanks--yeah I used a mobile tire guy and it was ~$127, but they also got me an extra $120 total off of the Tirerack price I was about to pay. So net gain and they came and did it in my driveway.
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    19" tires on Plaid and LR

    Just to follow-up, I took delivery in LA and they gave me summers. They had verbally told me that it would come with all-seasons, so I made a service request. 1 week before (1 month after delivery) they asked for documentation which I didn't have obviously, so they rejected it and said my car...
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    New Model S Plaid/LR. whistling wind noise at 79+ MPH

    Any updates on this? I have the exact same thing it seems... Rear passenger/trunk area Definitely 83+, sometimes 79+ No obvious sources so I'll start taping up areas I guess..
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    WTB: Model S Tempest Wheels

    Need another set of wheels to mount either my summer tires or my winter tires on. Willing to pickup anywhere in Cali, or can meetup in NV/UT when I'm there every few weeks.
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    2021 MS 19” Tempest Delivery Tracking

    What's everyone thinking with the front license plate mount? Mine requires it, but I'd rather get a vent-mounted one later or something that is less....large. I have to decide soon so I can remove it before ceramic coat time. Not sure there's a vent-mount holder out yet, or if there will be for...
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    Model 3 Accessories: Floormats, Phone holder, Trunk mat, frunk organizer

    Lightly used/new Model 3 accessories: $?? Stock carpet floormats (pre 2021, has deadpedal) $?? Stock carpet floormats (2021 +, no deadpedal) $130 Tesla all weather mats: (official ones from Tesla site) $50 Trunk all weather liner (Amazon) Free with other stuff | Trunk side velcro piece (to...
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    The refresh seats are actually weird to me. They feel comfortable, but are definitely not as squishy as my Model 3. I want to say they're more comfortable, but it's hard to identify why. I think a combination of the ventillation + width and sides is probably why. Re: the wrinkles: I have...

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