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    Ohmconnect and PG&E, SDG&E, and SCE customers

    Thanks for confirming that there's no longer a way to chose which times of the day are opt-in or opt-out, I was looking all over their site for that. I have the exact same problem with the solar calculation. My typical usage is around 1kW, and I used to have Diamond status with the powerwall...
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    Another View about Taycan - It will be a strong competitor

    That's nice that Porsche claims SOC has no effect, but real-world testing shows different results. Here's a discussion of how the maximum power available changes with SOC and temperature. Included are lots of photos and explanation of the grey bars which indicate max power and max regain, so...
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    FSD Beta Videos (and questions for FSD Beta drivers)

    One of the segments of Park Street ( Way: ‪Park Street‬ (‪682970835‬) | OpenStreetMap ) was tagged one-way in the wrong direction. Not sure if that was related to the odd navigation choice, but I just set the direction correctly.
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    p85 + deer = a lot of damage... What next?

    If that lowball value comes from a CCC report, make sure you get a copy and look it over closely. I got my valuation increased by 8k over the initial numbers: If you car is totaled, beware CCC One Valuation Report
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    Ohmconnect and PG&E, SDG&E, and SCE customers

    Yes, I remember when they tried that flat -2kW thing for solar users, it was a mess. Luckily they reversed that. Unfortunately, I can't find their post where they describe the changes. Currently, they calculate your baseline as the average of your usage during that time period (e.g. 7-8 PM)...
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    Anyone's Screen Brightness switching from "auto" mode for no reason?

    I don't use easy entry, and it's happened at times when nobody else has been driving the car, so no profiles would have been touched. I'll keep an eye out for software updates though, to see if it's tied to that.
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    Anyone's Screen Brightness switching from "auto" mode for no reason?

    Yes, I've been seeing this recently. 2018 Model S, MCU2, Version 20.48.30
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    Ohmconnect and PG&E, SDG&E, and SCE customers

    I've been doing OhmConnect for a couple years and earn about $300 per year. I don't have very high use ($100-$200/month bills) and don't play any games to spike my usage, I just set my PowerWall to zero out power usage when requested. They used to have a thing where solar users were expected...
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    If you car is totaled, beware CCC One Valuation Report

    I had a car totaled recently, and the insurance company wanted to pay me out based on a CCC One valuation report. I had looked at ev-cpo.com and had a ballpark idea what my car was worth, and that report was a ridiculous lowball. They listed my car as having no options, so that they could...
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    Salvage Car Owners Support Group.

    Well, the other party's insurance hit their policy limit, so my insurance took over. Still being sold via Copart, but now Lot #58944730. https://www.copart.com/lot/58944730/ A little more info: I was rear-ended by someone going (my guess) 35-40. Damage doesn't look too bad visually (tail...
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    2020 LR+ actual range 65% of rated

    Measuring range over a week's worth of short trips isn't accurate. Some energy is lost while the car is parked, and the beginning of each trip is much less efficient as the car gets the cabin and battery up to temperature. This is especially true in the winter. Take a longer trip for a more...
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    Hello and some questions...

    People have measured the EMF in Teslas and found it to be very low. Spark plugs produce a larger pulse of EMF with each spark than you’ll find in a Tesla. Also, EMF at these frequencies hasn’t been shown to cause cancer. For wind noise, I’ve heard of trouble with the rubber seals around the...
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    Would a solar generator power a Tesla?

    You might be able to charge your car from it, but Teslas are picky about some generators, and might not like it. Best case, the Tesla plugs in, charges for the entire 3KWh that this thing has stored, adds somewhere under 12 miles of range, and then the Yeti's battery is drained. The solar...
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    Gen 2 UMC

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    Gen 2 UMC

    Came with the car I just bought, appears to be unused. Includes Bag, UMC, and 5-15 adapter. Asking $225 local (San Diego) or $240 shipped in the U.S. For another $75, I'll add in the J1772 adapter that also came with this car.

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