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Recent content by d.marks48

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    Giant Red Steering Wheel Image on Monitor and

    I’ve recently been booted out of Auto Pilot after using it about 20 miles or so, and a giant red steering wheel appears on the monitor stating “Auto Pilot is not available for the rest of this trip” or something to that effect. It won’t let me use AP again until I stop the car and place it in...
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    Phone Key's have become almost useless

    Rather than buying a fob, why not consider a key ring? I believe they’re less expensive, around $129 or so, and are much more convenient than carrying around a bulky fob. You can obtain a key ring from most of the after market dealers, such as Tesmanian or RPM Tesla.
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    Car Locks at Home

    Even though I’ve checked off the box “exclude locking at home” my Y always locks itself, sometimes not immediately, but always sometime later after I have walked away after parking in my garage. I’ve checked and unchecked the box located in the Locks section of the UI, and watched as the...
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    Sticky and Chattering Windshield Wipers

    Thanks, seems to have done the trick, at least while using the washers. Hard to imagine that the wipers would be that dirty on a car just 5 weeks old, but I guess maybe?
  5. D

    Sticky and Chattering Windshield Wipers

    Anyone have a problem with the wipers sticking and chattering while clearing the windshield of rain? It’s almost as if there is something on the glass causing the blade to stick and not move smoothly while clearing the rain.
  6. D

    Removing mud flaps

    Not as simple as you might think. The push pins, which are threaded like a screw, don’t turn when you try to unscrew them. And when you try to pry them out they offer a lot of resistance to being removed.
  7. D

    Removing mud flaps

    Anyone have experience in removing RPM Tesla mud flaps? I purchased another set from Amazon that seem to be more secure and a better fit, but I can’t get the ones I installed originally off of the MY.
  8. D

    Wife’s Phone Key Not Working

    Changed the Tesla app from “while using the app” to “always” and it worked after rebooting the phone. Hopefully it will continue to work.
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    Wife’s Phone Key Not Working

    My wife’s phone key, which is the secondary key, will not open the car almost always. I’ve deleted her phone key twice and re-enabled it both times, and it works immediately but then will not open the car unless she opens the app. Once she takes her phone from her purse and opens the app it...
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    Is it normal for the animated screen to be herky jerky, with the cars, trucks, etc., sometimes flickering and quivering as well as the lines representing the lane demarcations also quivering as well? Since this is my first Tesla just want to make sure this is normal operation of the animation...
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    No, LR.
  12. D


    Yes, my post said “I have to clean the brake dust off each wheel”.
  13. D


    I get a lot of brake dust on all four wheels, even though I hardly ever apply the brakes using one pedal driving almost exclusively. In fact, I’ve done many trips in my MY and haven’t applied the brakes even one time. Wouldn’t you expect virtually zero brake dust if one pedal driving is used...
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    PPF Accident

    As is frequently the case in”minor” incidents like this, upon further evaluation by qualified technicians the total damage becomes greater than initially determined. The crease that was created in the door was very hard to see by my untrained eyes, but was easily identified by the repair shop...
  15. D

    PPF Accident

    I’m not blaming Tesla, or anyone other than the PPF Shop Manager. It was broad daylight, inside a brightly lit shop and conditions to drive the vehicle were ideal. If the driver were paying any attention at all she should have realized what was happening and been able to avoid damaging an...

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