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  1. daktari

    VW ID4

    In the Norwegian Automobile Association (NAF) range test the ID.3 managed 421 km summer and 340 km winter range with the 60 kWh battery. WLTP is 418 km. https://nye.naf.no/elbil/bruke-elbil/test-rekkevidde-vinter-2021 I think it is a reasonable drop in range in winter, 19% and I do believe the...
  2. daktari

    Request: Video review from Plaid owner!

    Tesla Yoke seems way too big for racing use. A Formula 1 yoke is just above two hands wide, and they probably have a much more direct steering ratio. Not only was the idea silly, execution was poor also. I would have loved if Tesla had re-invented HUD instead. In the ID.4 the HUD is...
  3. daktari

    Yoke steering confirmed variable-ratio

    That is a great point. Audi and VW here in Europe had touch sensitive wheel, with a "blended" driver/car interface. Tesla have the torque sensor, binary driver/car interface. Today, you can't hang your hand too relaxed on a Tesla, it will disengage. Changes coming maybe?
  4. daktari

    Yoke steering confirmed variable-ratio

    Yes, that was why I wrote "huge 3d Hud". I don't recall that with other brands, maybe the EQS will have one.
  5. daktari

    Yoke steering confirmed variable-ratio

    Skip the IC, put in a huge 3d HUD, keep the wheel. That would be real innovation. Or do as Peugeot, elevate and elongate the IC slightly, then put in a smaller, slightly oval wheel. I also believe they should update the layout in the IC, too much useless graphics there.
  6. daktari

    Yoke steering confirmed variable-ratio

    Deer maybe, moose not so often. Aim for the rear legs!
  7. daktari

    Yoke steering confirmed variable-ratio

    With 2,3 turns lock to lock, it will fail the moose test if the driver has a yoke. Unless FSD does it for you... illustration below at 0:40 from the inside.
  8. daktari

    Rimac Concept_Two

    8,62 seconds. Impressive.
  9. daktari

    Elon tweets "pure vision" will solve phantom braking

    It would at least reduce some events (maybe quite a few) if they made auto adjust speed an option.
  10. daktari

    Tesla.com - "Transitioning to Tesla Vision"

    Is this a chinese made example, driving in China? Do China cars also lack radar? I can't see the location on the map.
  11. daktari

    Tesla.com - "Transitioning to Tesla Vision"

    Do you have any data on the usable range of the 3 rearview cameras? Here in Europe, especially Germany, one might get passed by a car going 100 mph faster, and the lack of 2 rear bumper radars to recognize these rolling missiles might be an underlaying problem from beforehand. (No speed limit...
  12. daktari

    FSD Beta Videos (and questions for FSD Beta drivers)

    Why doesn't the FSD beta optimists here just borrow Kim Paquettes car and do the Coast-to-Coast with a blindfold on to prove Tesla superiority? That would end the discussion. PS1 It is ok to say "I will wait for v9", but only if you do it immediatly after release. PS2 it is ok to bring a...
  13. daktari

    NoA is worthless, Autopilot is essentially unimproved from 2016-2017, and everybody has caught up.

    Agree with OP. Here is the VW ID4 Travel Assist on a demanding stretch of road performing at same level as AP3 on 2021 Model 3. I also prefer the VW user interface.
  14. daktari

    Is Tesla closer than we think?

    Waymo in Phoenix is 5x10 miles. How long will it take to walk across that area, or drive across? It is not that tiny I would say.
  15. daktari

    Is Tesla closer than we think?

    I disagree. In my eyes, a SAE level 2 FSD is merely a real life video game, where the plot is to be the driver who survives the longest while the car all the time challenges you with surprising failures that might in fact kill you. Or even worse, pedestrians, cyclists any other people out there...

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