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  1. dance.parrot

    Improving brake "feel"

    When I first got the car (Performance), I thought the stock brakes were OK. Nothing extraordinary, but nothing to complain about either. After a visit to the track (2 sessions of 15 minutes), they became the worst brakes I ever experienced, most likely due to glazing. I did add the MPP brace...
  2. dance.parrot

    MASTER THREAD: Comprehensive Road-Course Modification Guide — Optimizing the 3 for the track

    I run XP20 front and XP12 rear (on the MPP BBK). After bedding in (no track day yet on them), they developed a mild whistle when braking. I have no problem running them like this on the street. As already mentioned on this thread, with hold mode, I rarely use the brake in the city, and even when...
  3. dance.parrot

    Model 3 Long Range 2021 refresh 19" wheels [question about lowering or spacers]

    Beautiful. Do you have any rear camber adjustment?
  4. dance.parrot

    Please help on abnormal tire wear (Track). Thanks!

    No problem at all removing the wheels with the hub centric rings. I could only source plastic ones in that size when I got the wheels and I expected them to melt, so I got 2 sets of 10 for good measure. After 3 track days, I'm still using the original 4 plastic rings. And I was using the brakes...
  5. dance.parrot

    Please help on abnormal tire wear (Track). Thanks!

    If you're going to get a dedicated set of wheels for the track (which is ideal), go with a track dedicated tire. Cup 2 is a great tire, but Michelin made compromises with it to make it work for street as well. If you only have 1 set of wheels, Cup 2 is a good compromise, but for track wheels...
  6. dance.parrot

    Please help on abnormal tire wear (Track). Thanks!

    Definitely get alignment checked after replacing the tires. You passenger front (which is rotated in the photo) also shows sign of heavy inside wear. Your inner tire wear looks a lot like what I had here M3P front inside tire wear In my case, the cause was bad toe, with no track use on the...
  7. dance.parrot

    Raybestos Track Pads for Model 3

    What track pad setup front/rear would you recommend the MPP BBKs (StopTech caliper front, and thicker rotor with clamshell in the rear), on wider stickier tires (265 mm AR-1)? ST43 front and rear, or XP12 front and rear?
  8. dance.parrot

    Upgraded To Performance Brakes

    Confirmed with a test fit. The front MPP BBK Stoptech calipers fit over the 18" aeros with tight clearance (but enough for my comfort). I did the test mount with the stock rotors (was not ready to cut the dust shield just yet). I expect the spokes to have even more room with the thicker hat...
  9. dance.parrot

    Upgraded To Performance Brakes

    Great, thanks for the confirmation. I already took care of the rear calipers (grinding and red caliper paint) and have the 18" aeros on for the winter.
  10. dance.parrot

    Upgraded To Performance Brakes

    Looks nice. How much clearance do you have to the wheel barrel? I ordered a set, and it would be great if the 18 aeros cleared the calipers, for efficiency and other reasons, even if it’s a tight fit. MPP description states they don’t fit.
  11. dance.parrot

    Matching LR AWD efficiency in P3D+

    I put 18" aero on my performance. Did not need to add spacers because the new versions of the 18" wheels from Tesla came machined to account for the hub lip, but I did need to grind the rear calipers. See Will 18" Aero wheel fit a car with Performance big brakes? I put Continental...
  12. dance.parrot

    M3P front inside tire wear

    Installed new tires and got an alignment. As expected, toe was way off.
  13. dance.parrot

    M3P front inside tire wear

    This weekend when swapping the wheels to my Model 3 I noticed extreme wear to the inside of the front tires. Is this an alignment issue or something else? Context: - Wheels and tires are original 20" performance PS4S - Tires have 25,000 km on them, mostly highway - Issue occurred in...
  14. dance.parrot

    Will 18" Aero wheel fit a car with Performance big brakes?

    I bought a new set of 18” Aeros from Tesla Switzerland for my M3P and to my surprise they were machined to accommodate for the hub lip. Ended up installing them without spacers, just the grinding of the rear callipers.
  15. dance.parrot

    Carbotech Performance Brake Pads for Model 3 - Review

    After putting a generous amount of brake anti-squeal paste on the back of the pad (Liqui Moly 20240, I don't have access to CRC), I don't hear the rattle anymore when driving. I have a track day coming up in 10 days, I hope this will withstand the track abuse.

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