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  1. david_42

    [Poll]- Is Cybertruck beautiful?

    Judging from my neighborhood and the local dealerships, maybe 25%. On other forums, I've seen many complaints that real work trucks have gotten pushed out by dress-up trucks. There's a guy down the street with a '90s Ford with the license plate "REALTRCK" and it looks it. He's a rough...
  2. david_42

    Things my wife said about Navigate on Autopilot tonight

    My wife is looking for a new job and one of the companies will require a great deal of driving, so she's interested in buying a car with limited assistance (adaptive cruise control and emergency braking). She also gets car sick if there is the slightest jerkiness in acceleration/braking. It...
  3. david_42

    Recommendations for auxiliary AC for blackouts

    I'd agree a floor unit is the way to go. I put a mini-split in my master bedroom when I was renovating my house. The rest of the house gets by with an evaporative cooler, which is fine up to about 40C and <30% RH. When I lived in Fullerton, CA I had an evaporative cooler in addition to the...
  4. david_42

    My proposed system can't power my AC

    Have to agree 58 seems way too high. I had a two-ton heatpump on my last place and it was rated at 22 LRA. Running amps were around 12. Had a very difficult time convincing the electrician that is should be fused at 25-amps. He actually brought a 30-amp and a 40-amp breaker in addition to...
  5. david_42

    On the attack

    All of the above. And totally ignoring anything I said. Woodisgood: The Model 3 would be rather difficult to accommodate at our home. And most of the features people love are things we have zero use for. Other than adaptive cruise control and emergency braking, the rest of it would just...
  6. david_42

    On the attack

    Our local store finally got a Model 3 in, so my wife and I stopped to take a look as she is re-considering buying one. Got "attacked" by a saleswomen who WOULD NOT LEAVE US ALONE! I realize Tesla is pushing for a record sales quarter, but ever after I told her I've been following Tesla since...
  7. david_42

    Clean Technica: Tesla Model 3 Cheaper Than Honda Accord (5 year cost)

    On the one hand, electricity is 0.15/Kwh here, on the other, regular gas is $3.46/gal. The tilts is a bit away from the Tesla. The gripping hand - gas has been as low as $2.35/gal. in the last year, but electricity climbs steadily. It's up from 0.12/Kwh in the last five years and will just go...
  8. david_42

    Unused EV charging stations

    The only public charging spot near my house doubles as a handicap spot. I've never seen anyone use it, even though it is inside the enterance of a parking garage.
  9. david_42

    [Poll] - Are you ordering Model Y?

    If the Model Y was actually a hatchback and 10% smaller than a Model 3, I'd be back in line. Oh well, it will probably be 3-4 years before we need a new car. Maybe Tesla will bow to demand in Europe by then.
  10. david_42

    Tesla and Mercedes are Talking Electric Vans

    As I noted several months ago, the Model X has almost exactly the same footprint as my 2004 Sprinter. The Model X is rather old technology by Tesla standards, so I would expect see a new sled that would underpin a new Model X and an electric Sprinter-type.
  11. david_42

    Model Y Cargo Space (poll)

    Our 2006 Kia Spectra5 (sub-compact hatchback) has 18/53. Given the size of the Model Y (assuming it isn't much larger than a 3 externally), 30/65 would be reasonable.
  12. david_42

    Claims for 1min EV charging time

    I have some high power experience from the Navy and I'm not certain there is an insulation that can handle 10,000 volts in a single cable at the required amperage. Sure you can use multiple cables, but it would take longer to connect and disconnect the cables than to deliver a one minute...
  13. david_42

    Electric vehicles in the wild

    It will be interesting when the first offroad-capable EVs (Bollinger Motors) hit the market. Zero speed torque, independent control of each wheel, no axles and low center of gravity will leave the ICE vehicles far behind. The hybrid experimental Humvees could climb a 43 degree angle and drive...
  14. david_42

    Model Y with rear facing jump seats?

    I really don't think the Y will have enough space for jump seats, unless it has one heck of a tail overhang.
  15. david_42

    Ice traction

    Studded tires are obsolete. The new tread formulations for traction tires perform better than studs under all conditions from dry pavement to wet ice. Studs were a great idea 50 years ago, but reduce traction on dry pavement, grind down any and all road surfaces, are worthless in deep snow. I...

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