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Recent content by dduffey

  1. dduffey

    Tesla service forcing me to update to v11

    I have seen other folks have issues after replacing a windshield until the firmware was updated. So what they are telling you is true. Can it be done with a reflash of the same version? Technically, probably, but it is an unusual request they may not know how to address.
  2. dduffey

    do you really need a portable air compressor?

    I bought a portable Ryobi battery powered compressor for the bikes, balls, etc and now I leave it in the car and use it for the car as well.
  3. dduffey

    Smelly stinky socks / mold in Model 3 AC

    Our 2021 Model Y stunk from delivery, had to pay to have it replaced. Our 2018 Model 3 stinks every year. I have tried changing in the fall, but the best time is to wait until it gets humid in the spring to do a Kilma/KoolIT clean and change the filters to get through summer. I'm convinced...
  4. dduffey

    Model Y Hitch Receiver: Rise Limit Question

    I flipped a Reese drop hitch to get the .75" height. I also raised the Y with a MPP lift kit + arms for an additional 1.75". Then I used smaller diameter tires (with appropriate load rating) on the trailer. I also changed the jack wheel with a lower profile metal "foot". If I knew I could...
  5. dduffey

    Delivering Austin Gigafactory Teslas within the state of Texas

    Are you sure? I had thought the new vehicle has to be physically out of state when the transaction happens. Then you "bought it" out of state. I recall an Elon comment that stated that he would "prefer" if Texas laws where changed so that Tesla would not need to ship the CT out of state...
  6. dduffey

    Car names…

    Since the color changer came out, my kids change the color and name weekly. It is currently light green and "KeyLime3.14"
  7. dduffey

    2021 MY vs. 2018 M3, cabin filter mods

    Following up, the stink came back on both the 3 and Y. On the 3, last fall I used two cans of Kilma and a "HEPA charcoal" filter. Now humidity is raising the stink is back. I was hoping that by doing it in the fall the dry winter air would have killed off anything lingering after the clean...
  8. dduffey

    Model 3 owner claims Car froze while driving, stuck at 83MPH

    Nobody said the screen did not freeze or that there was not a problem that caused that. What is total BS is the title, subtitle, and article. Title: ... Causing vehicle to be stuck at 83 mph on freeway (bullshit) Subtitle: The driver from Irvine said all of the buttons and switches -...
  9. dduffey

    Model 3 owner claims Car froze while driving, stuck at 83MPH

    I suspect that by "police help to pull over" that the driver called 911 and the police asked him to use the brakes and pull over. I also suspect that he quickly learned that the go pedal and brakes work and that the cruise and speed wheel still works. He never shows video of using the drive...
  10. dduffey

    Model 3 owner claims Car froze while driving, stuck at 83MPH

    To me it looks like the accelerator works. At the end of the video you see him following a semi, then driver uses the accelerator, the screen remains frozen and but he passes the semi at increasing speed (or the semi by chance started slowing down but I don't see brakes). There is nothing...
  11. dduffey

    Your Model 3 Maximum Range?

    Early 2018 M3 LR RWD, 309 miles @ 100%
  12. dduffey

    DIY Car Wash Guys - How do you avoid dust coat?

    I have blue 3 and white Y and I feel the same, it seems that these cars show dust and dirt more than our Toyota/Honda/BMW. I am using a ceramic spray. In prior vehicles I used ONR, but don't really recall what I used for wax. I felt I didn't have the same dust and water spot problems.
  13. dduffey

    Kids bike rack

    I had a Reese Explore 4 bike from U-Haul for $99. It is sufficient for 3 bikes and local travel. Not sturdy enough for highway travel or 4 bikes in my opinion. I am now using a $300 4 bike Tri-Max tray with an 8.5" hitch extender (to enable the hatchback) that I am happy with for the money...
  14. dduffey

    Any options that charge two cars at once?

    You should be able to. I have two gen2 and limit it to 40 amp combined. When both are plugged in charging is split 20/20. An adapter should not pull more than the HPWC allows. I agree with OCJeff, you might first try and get away with just a single charger and adapter first. While we do...
  15. dduffey

    OEM Spoiler coming off on Model Y Performance

    The cheap aftermarket "Bromely" spoilers (Amazon) held up on both our 3 an Y during Texas heat last summer if anyone is looking for alternative, no corner lifting problems. I made sure to clean and prep the surface before applying ... even creating some micro scratches in the clear coat on...

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