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    75 and 75D variants increased performance from July 1st - software and hardware improvements?

    The batteries are not used. If they are the part number would have not ended with 00-A but example 01-A or 09-A. Tesla use the number from 01 to A1 on remanufactured batteries for remaining capacity. The part number on the latest 85 is also listed as new. Example.
  2. Dennis87

    Does a Tesla need to "warm up" before being driven with gusto?

    For best performance the battery need to be warm. In the winter here in Norway the performance and regen is limited daily because the battery will be harmed if to much power is drawn or added when cold. Also the Drive unit(s) have oil. This is normal automatic gear oil like in gearboxes and...
  3. Dennis87

    75 and 75D variants increased performance from July 1st - software and hardware improvements?

    Yes did write in my reply 75 is 350V vs 400 so why do I have to remember it? :p Still same motors, just need a little more ampere to get the same power and that is fuse/battery thing, not motors. The article is full of errors as TIppy did write. electrek.co is no way a trusted source. The 1...
  4. Dennis87

    75 and 75D variants increased performance from July 1st - software and hardware improvements?

    Why install new drive units for dual motor 75 when the drive units already used is the exact same as on 85D/90D/100D? They can do 0-60 same time on a heavier car. 75 rwd most likely have a new drive unit. 75D only SW and maybe new battery contactor/fuse similar to the computer controlled...
  5. Dennis87

    75 and 75D variants increased performance from July 1st - software and hardware improvements?

    Not correct. P85 and P85+ have the same 0-60 time. Most likely a P85+ owner that have edited the wikipedia article :p
  6. Dennis87

    Vendor Unplugged Performance Refresh Fascia Upgrade

    Some of the pictures above are cars with AP1. The grille where the Radar are placed is moved to the new front. The sticking out parking sensors must be wrong install/brackets use. Sensors dont stick out like that on my car with Unplugged refresh Fascia Upgrade
  7. Dennis87

    Pack Performance and Launch Mode Limits

    Not correct. Horsepower at the wheels tells more about the performance than just a torque number. Is not like HP and torque are two different things. HP is result of torque x rpm. The rpm torque number alone the engine can make is just important specs for the guy that design the transmission and...
  8. Dennis87

    P85D Ludicrous upgrade??

    The best with Ludicrous is not only the added power and not so earlier power fade. But its much more powerful on lower SOC. When at 40% battery Ludicrous still have more power than the insane P85D at 100%.
  9. Dennis87

    8.1 timing?

    The MCU (17" screen) is the same old hw from 2012 on AP 2.0 cars too. So preAP and ap 1.0 cars will most likely still get the same GUI changes and new features that don't need the AP 2.0 hw. I find it strange Tesla still use the old Nvidia Tegra 3 (T33) in the MCU. I has less power than the...
  10. Dennis87

    P100D on the Dyno....

    I don't know the gear ratio on the Hellcat. But it was not possible to dyno the 510 hp Subaru STi I had before on a Dynapack in first gear. I tried, just got red screen and to much torque error ;) Engine Torque was 680nm or 501 ft lbs. Gear ratio on the Subaru was 1st: 3.636 and final drive...
  11. Dennis87

    P100D on the Dyno....

    Agree R.S. The math doesn't add up. They quoting "torque is what matter not hp" don't understand how it works. HP tells more about the performance. A torque number alone the engine can make at the shaft tells nothing without knowing gearing ratio and rpm. Its only important information for the...
  12. Dennis87

    Model S P100D Hits 0-60 in 2.2755 Seconds w/1 Foot Rollout

    The forged arachnid wheels are lighter than the stock 21. No panoroof save 60 kg weight, no other extras and a 45 kg girl as the driver maybe ;)
  13. Dennis87

    Comparison of pre vs. post facelift lights

    This Finish test of the Xenon lights are the European limited 25W xenon D8S. 35W like US Tesla has and almost all other cars with Xenon is not legal on Tesla in Europe, because its more than 2000 lumens. Europe law says that the car must have headlight washers and auto leveling if more than 2000...
  14. Dennis87

    Tesla & BMW Fall Short in IIHS Safety Tests

    The new led lights are worse than the Xenon. Tesla Model S LED Headlamp Insight As you can see on the compare pictures they light to bright just in front of the car, But not as far as the older xenon lights that also is bad compared to Audi, Bmw.
  15. Dennis87

    White Lies Matter?

    No its also a WOT (Wide open throtle) counter :(

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