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  1. dflye

    Reservations Statistics

    Anyone deciphered any potential useful formatting of the reservation numbers? This number was from an order placed about 10:30 ET: RN107000XXXX
  2. dflye

    Firmware 7.0

    I wish I hadn't upgraded without checking the forums first... tempted to visit the SC for a downgrade, as 7.0 is mostly just a bunch of blank UI real-estate for me.
  3. dflye

    How satisfied are you with the non-AP (Classic) V7.0

    Those should be completely separate groups of developers: anyone could cobble together a media player app using iOS or Andriod developer tools in a matter of days, if not hours! If Tesla is using a dev framework that takes more than 10x or 100x of other platforms, that should be a concern. AP...
  4. dflye

    How satisfied are you with the non-AP (Classic) V7.0

    One of my pet peeves in the old UI, the crappy Media app, is still an utter piece of tripe that shouldn't have passed muster when I received my car 3 years ago, let alone today! While I can understand wanting to have large UI buttons, that doesn't mean you have to use mass amounts of...
  5. dflye

    Has Tesla paused 7.0 roll out?

    I'm tempted to go to the local SC and ask for a downgrade, as 7.0 took the poor 6.x UI and made it abysmal. Not just the center console got horrifically made unusable, they actually managed to make some of the poorly thought out apps like the Media app even *worse*, which is really saying...
  6. dflye

    v7.0 Owner's Manual ?

    They are still trying to merge in the changes marked up in white-out on the editor's monitor before releasing the final edition to the pubic. Sort of like the UI....
  7. dflye

    (Install not to code) Project: Save $1500

    Good catch from the poorly lit / grainy photo! While not being an electrician, even I can see how it could be an issue during installation, or if in a location where vibration / movement would cause the cable to rub against the cutout after installation. But I'm wondering how often that...
  8. dflye

    Trading in? Parcel Shelf donations wanted

    I really hope you don't work in advertising.
  9. dflye

    Geocaching in a Model S?

    Having been geocaching for a number of years, mostly in my P85 for the last few years, I almost always just rely upon either my handheld GPSr or smartphone for the entire trip, given that one can't readily upload a bunch of waypoints / POI into the S nav system. For one geocaching event I...
  10. dflye

    Model S Design Studio - Pimp My Ride

    Wow are there some crazy options out there, and I think I used most of them! :tongue:
  11. dflye

    Meetup at Hagerstown Supercharger

    We'll be visiting the area from NC over the long weekend, although we have a pretty tight schedule of events already planned on Saturday; but as they are practically within spitting distance of the SC, hopefully will be able to drop in and say 'hi' either there or at the mall. Note that your...
  12. dflye

    @TeslaRoadTrip 2014 (Feb 15-17, 2014) - Dinner Event Signup & Details Available!

    So many east coast locations have become possible destinations since last time! Orlando for one of the several "Star Wars" weekends at WDW? Or Key West if the SC there and at Plantation get done any time soon...
  13. dflye

    Looking for Raleigh / Durham / Chapel Hill Tesla Owners to Test New Mobile App

    And I thought I was driving a lot with 55K miles after 25 months! :eek:
  14. dflye

    P85D won't be available for test drives

    I definitely remember that car in the lot at the event, it was drawing a crowd (myself included) Okay, true enough that it was just after the very, very limited early deliveries began (the DC event was in mid-July 2012), guess I didn't really consider them to be delivering cars at that point...
  15. dflye

    P85D won't be available for test drives

    Way back when they had the original test drive events (prior to any actual deliveries; this did pretty much require that you already had put down a deposit), went to the one up in DC. For the two rides I went out on (one as driver, one as back seat passenger), the Tesla rep was pushing the...

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