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    72A Charger Upgrade

    I also have a June 2016 Model S, but a 75D. Mine came with a 48A charger, and I paid to upgrade it to 72A. In my case it was a physical replacement, not a software upgrade.
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    why does USA model Y shown 313 miles and Uk shows 331 miles range

    EPA vs WLTP? Different government methods of measuring range give different results.
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    Has anyone ever gotten Tesla Service to replace a battery due to degradation?

    Tesla used to have lots of info for the Roadster, the page is still there, but sadly the images aren't, and they're not on the wayback machine either. There used to be a great graph showing how much energy was used per mile across various speeds. Roadster Efficiency and Range EDIT: I...
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    Has anyone ever gotten Tesla Service to replace a battery due to degradation?

    Absolutely this. I would like to see all EV companies put out a clear public info page that explained what conditions they used to determine a rated mile, and include a chart with energy used per mile at various speeds and conditions, along with info about how much energy things such as the...
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    Can I get the tesla key card wet?

    You can get it wet, but don't feed it after midnight.
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    Block GPS?

    It might not. When I did the MCU1 -> MCU2 update, they didn't connect the GPS antenna, so for 2-3 days my car showed as stationary at the old HQ in Palo Alto.
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    Want to absolutely confirm: I can charge off a dryer plug?

    The adapters from Tesla let the car know what is the correct value, so it should set to 24a.
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    Relaying Wi-Fi to detached garage at a distance

    It's a wifi bridge. You'd need to buy 2 units, each one has an ethernet port and a highly directional wifi antenna. Anything that goes in the ethernet port of 1 unit, comes out of the ethernet port on the other unit. So to get wifi to the car at the other end you'd need a cheap access point...
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    Relaying Wi-Fi to detached garage at a distance

    Take a look at the Ubiquiti range of products. A pair of these will throw near gigabit speeds a decent distance https://store.ui.com/collections/operator-airmax-and-ltu/products/gbe
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    Any ideas to log in xifinity public hotspot?

    For Linux and Mac, you should be able to use... sudo ifconfig <nic> down sudo ifconfig <nic> ether aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff sudo ifconfig <nic> up
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    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    I would ask Tesla service about it, and go from there. However, this is really about what you want. If you're not happy with the car, then you may well be best to sell it and get something that you'll like better. I hear resale prices are good right now.
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    What Do YOU Call the Pedal on the Right?

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    Writing a letter to my Representatives (USA)

    I didn't see any mention of what you want them to do. Allow Tesla to sell in the state? Allow Tesla to be part of any new EV credit scheme? Just recognize that EVs are a good thing?
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    I feel terrible for GM Bolt owners as a former Volt owner

    I think the only sensible thing for them to do right now is to start a buy back program. Give owners a generous offer to take the car off their hands, and let them get into something else.
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    Shop recommendation in Bay Area for scratch repair

    Where in the Bay Area? If in the south bay I can recommend ACE

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