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    More Y Competition

    Competition will be coming in fast and solid. I am pretty confident, Elon will keep innovation despite the onslaught
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    Tesla Y 2021 PPF bra?

    I agree---the temp stuff might work.. consider track wrap but if you want to truly protect your investment, I would consider having a professional do the PPF. Truth be told, even around town you can get road debris that will damage the paint.
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    Should I full ppf my new white model y?

    That is pretty much what I was getting at in my comment. Full body PPF is not for everyone but it depends on how you view the car. PPF is a lot of money but buying a Tesla is ALOT ALOT ALOT aALOT of money too. If you are a car enthusiast and are OCD about your paint, then that peace of mind of...
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    PPF question

    For an entire car, $5K for PPF is about in line from a quality shop. If you hear $2.5K for whole car wrap, you should run. If you have the time and patience you can try it yourself but unless you have experience, it won't be as good.
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    Should I full ppf my new white model y?

    This is a topic that just keep on giving. Bottomline, PPF if you want to physically protect your paint (after you decide what value aka $$ you can tolerate). Decide if you want high-risk, high-impact area or entire car. I just posted a video on the process and how I think about this topic.
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    TPMS Sensors

    As of right now, none of the aftermarkets once work. It appears to be a proprietary version from Tesla. Reach out to TSportline to see if they will sell you a set. They are only selling with wheel & tire setup because they are pretty much backordered via Tesla. If you have a 2021, don't buy...
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    Aftermarket TPMS

    No question, the new bluetooth TPMS are proprietary and the generic ones are having trouble communicating. I just got a set of OEM--not sure why they are so hard to come by but it was nuts trying to source them through Tesla but ended up getting them with the wheel and tire combo from TSportline.
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    Sabine Schmitz

    Truly a tragic loss. I met her twice. Once she blew past me in the Ring Taxi in the wet and it was glorious. Other time, she was amazing and friendly in person. She was a true enthusiast and an inspiration. She will be missed. #fcancer
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    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    Here is mine from last night...
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    Has Anyone Successfully Signed in to YouTube?

    The Runscape sign in worked for me. I tried everything before to no avail. This is the way to go for sure.
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    How many have wasted money on paint correction before PPF install?

    I know this shop well. They did my MYP. I think you are not hearing what he is saying. Lots of people don't necessarily need paint correction but lots of shops insist to increase the cost to the client. As a doctor myself, I think your analogy is incorrect. If you are hanging new drapes, you...
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    iPhone ringer volume turned way down by MY

    I still have the same issue. This is pretty frustrating.
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    TPMS connection

    I bought my winter setup from TSportline & they wheel/tire combo comes with TPMS included & worked flawlessly for me. I think the OP needs to drive the car and the TPMS will read. If you are checking before you drive, the readying will be 00.
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    What did you own before your Model Y?

    Owned a 2014 BMW i8 (one of the first in US) & still do. Love that car--clearly ahead of its time. Still was never copied unlike many cars today. Here are some shots of it as a winter warrior.
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    Where is the love for the MYP?!

    I agree but I dont want to jump the gun since I just picked up my MYP in December but I am hoping it gets some of the same love the other models got. Then again, we had not have the MY for a year yet so maybe something is coming for its birthday?

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