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    CCS Adapter - ?

    I think it’s end user confusion and possibly supply chain. I don’t know how many Tesla’s actually have CCS enabled, but the fact that some went out last year without CCS could create confusion for users. I think they’d have to add some logic to the store of whether you have a car that is...
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    CCS Adapter - ?

    Yep, I’ve used it probably 5 times since the reboot and it’s been great every time. Maxed out around 182kW for me on a 350 charger.
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    CCS Adapter - ?

    Agree it’s usually station issues, I’ve run into a lot of broken chargers. When I first got the adapter I failed at 2 different stations, but a reboot fixed it. So before giving up maybe try a reboot. I was getting unable to communicate with the car from the station, the car was waiting for...
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    Wireless phone charger 3/Y MagSafe

    Thanks for the update!
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    Electrify America

    @JVINFL covered most of it. I used to order mine, ended up about $270 total. As for speed it depends. EA sites I’ve seen have at most had 2 350kW chargers and the rest are 150/50kWs. But a lot of Superchargers around me are only 150s. I may be wrong but I’d probably give a slight advantage...
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    Elon: Working on Tesla NA Service. Goal of having 2/3 of cars have same day service w/ no wait.

    Well glad you’ve had great service and haven’t had an issue. Because of that you believe anyone saying they’ve had a different experience just likes to complain, let me guess maybe I’m lying and secretly a plant by the evil shorters? Would you be annoyed if you waited 3-4 weeks for an...
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    Whats comparable to The Tesla Mobile Connector On Amazon?

    Are you sure yours isn’t coming with one, was it ordered after 4/17/22? I thought any of the ones affected were prompted at deposit to allow them to add one to the purchase. I can’t imagine they’re going to let you go without any charging option.
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    Elon: Working on Tesla NA Service. Goal of having 2/3 of cars have same day service w/ no wait.

    Be thankful they rescheduled you. I’ve taken off work, shown up and they‘ve said oh we haven‘t got the part yet, we’ll cancel this for you and you can just open a new ticket and reschedule. That way they get credit for a complete job and I have to start over. I’ve found I always have to follow...
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    Battery Charger: Need to replace after breaker caught fire?

    Yeah I don’t think OP is going to come back to enlighten us. I’m betting on incorrect breaker for panel or loose connection.
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    Battery Charger: Need to replace after breaker caught fire?

    Can you give us a little more description of what happened? I’m sure we’d all be interested to hear what happened so we can avoid it and can‘t really give any advice without knowing more of the story. Was it the breaker the the EVSE was on? If so were the wires burned/jacket scorched at the...
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    CCS Adapter - ?

    There’s a Reddit thread about using delivered.co.kr which is what i used. Cost me a total around $270 but I had to use google translate and place the order myself. Think it was 11 days from order to my house.
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    CCS Adapter - ?

    You forgot the 5th thing to remember about CCS. A minimum of 1/3 CCS chargers will be broken at every location you go to
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    Modely Long range MSM or White

    Same, no issues here. I’ve had more problems with popcorn getting stuck in the flush belt receivers then anything. I have had a bit of color transfer on the front seat, but once in awhile I’ll use a wet rag and it’s gone with a simple wipe.
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    Modely Long range MSM or White

    MSM+White interior!
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    New 2022 MYP Completely Dead!

    Have you opted out of arbitration yet? I think the window to do it is within 30 days of delivery. I’m not sure a lemon law is an option if you have an arbitration agreement in place. They may do it, but I don’t think they’re obligated to do it.

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