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Recent content by drg_mx

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    Paramus NJ roof collapse

    perhaps partial reopening, perhaps confusion.... apolo a friend of mine had an edd of 9/17 - 9/24 at paramus on fri, 9/3, he got a msg saying the delivery is moved to sprinfiel today, early pm, he got a msg that delivery is moved back to paramus, with an gy for the confusion.
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    12v battery replacement - data, surprise

    car 2017 mx, 90d 29k miles, true age 4yr + 4 months a few days back (call it day 0o) got the unavoidable- *12 V battery needs replacement soon the first question that popped up : what does *soon* mean? could not reach tesla, the forums articles indicated 1 wk to a couple of months...
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    sentry/dashcam for 2017 MX

    thanks r0xx0r....so it seems with what i have all i get is a notification if someone breaks the window. what is confusing is why does the manual say i can record....in 2017 AP3,0 was not available and i would think tesla knows that.. possibly tesla has installed one manual for all model x...
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    sentry/dashcam for 2017 MX

    i cannot make any part of sentry or dashcam to work....cannot seem to record anything. the manual on my account page says it should and i have tried to follow all the instructions. and tried various things like... car locked/onlocked.....leaning on the car, walking around the car...no, did not...
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    center display startup issue

    re 2017 model x 90d, on 2020.20.17 settings: energy saver is "off"..."always connected" is checked "on" for about a month now, seems like the center display times out (goes to sleep) overnight....so when open the door and sit in the car, while the main screen light up right away but the center...
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    Seat configurations and heating

    on my 2017 MX90D, 6-seater, i DONOT have 2nd row, or 3rd heating. and NO steering heating. when i bought the car, i was told i had tp buy either the WINTER PKG or PREMIUM interior to get these.
  7. D

    good and bad after recent updates

    2017 MX 90D in last 3 weeks, have gotten 4 updates...last 2 were xx32.12.1 and xx32.12.2. the bad (bugs?)... a, after12.2, the release notes DONOT load up.....the release-note window pops up but stays blank for eternity... b. after xxxx11.xx i started getting at random times a warning that...
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    tire rotation for x

    for 2017 mx 90d as usual, checked the forum before posting, found a few posts on s and 3, not much on x. understandably because there is no rotation for oem tires since they are asymmetric. however, i switched to 265s on 9" rims all around (no towing ever) as a couple other folks here...so...
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    The Real Question, It Is Not The Total Miles

    thanks all for your suggestions....i gather one thing look further is the energy app...will give it s spin.
  10. D

    The Real Question, It Is Not The Total Miles

    though i did some search before posting my question on range and range math, i found and read lot more stuff on the issue. and as pointed by many, it is futile to reconcile battery meter, range, wh/mi etc... and i am also not concerned about what the range should be (epa track, rated, etc.). if...
  11. D

    Battery Drain, Low Range, Range Math

    you can add me to the list for MX...however, as mentioned, i had very little discrepancy with MS. the question is why is it more popular now? is it because people like me are finally taking note or tesla has changed the way they calculate/predict? appreciate the link animorph..will do some...
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    Battery Drain, Low Range, Range Math

    thanks SRACHAMALLU ...these are over 2 days...but following your suggestion, i will try doing a test in one run of 60 - 70 miles and retest. thanks SRAGHOST ok and ok...so even using 85 KWH as total energy available, i should get "remaining=146 miles" ((85-30.3)/0.373) as i am using MY ACTUAL...
  13. D

    Battery Drain, Low Range, Range Math

    car- 21-month old 2017 MX, 90D, 19500 miles, OAT 70-75, ac setting 73. from day 1, i have felt that i am not getting enough range, at times barely 130 miles when the energy meter goes red (<40 miles remaining). since most of my driving is local, this has not been an issue but the numbers have...
  14. D

    Non-staggered for Model X

    i changed over to all 265/45 all around (MX 90D) based on encouragement and info provided in this post and DCGOO...i bought the rims (9" OEM) and tpms from the sources recommended here...very happy with both transactions. as added info, my reason to go 265 all around was to get run-flats as i...
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    TPMS warning trigger pressure?

    thanks..my door-sticker normal pressure is 42, so i guess 33 is a good number to test/reprogram

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