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    Would the Model Y Fishtail with the acceleration?

    You have zero chance of accomplishing any throttle induced oversteer. The 2wd model 3 I can get to break loose around a corner in the rain if I stomp on it just right or even in the snow but the car wont let you have that much fun. The AWD Y, in the snow I can get a sensation of the backend...
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    rear door paint damage?

    I have damage almost half way up the door. Obviously it’s worse at the bottom but if I were to do it again I would do the full rear door ppf. It’s not like I can blame the crappy Tesla paint either because the worst door is the one I had painted because of a huge fish eye bubble. The lower...
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    Is single peice casting a good or bad thing?

    This is actually not true, at least not here in Canada and I suspect it wouldn't be true in most of the USA as well. Frame damage is absolutely not a death sentence for a car as long as the value of the car is high enough. Here the write off threshold is like 70% of the value of the vehicle. If...
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    MY White Paint thick enough for Harbor Freight buffer?

    Polisher and cutting compound would be a desperate last resort. I would try maybe a clay bar and everything else possible first.
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    Supercharger cable stuck

    Try to use the app to set the charge limit to less than what you have now and hit start charge? Maybe if it sees you are “done” it will let go
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    Charging time while using infotainment

    Insignificant if you are at a supercharger. Slightly more if you are charging at home. Still not worth caring about. You are losing seconds
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    Mud flap effectiveness after 1.5k miles (or lack of)

    Reply back here with what they say. I feel like that lower trim should have a little half round wing that runs the full length of it at the top and sticks out an inch or so to try and deflect the road debris away from the paint.
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    Mud flap effectiveness after 1.5k miles (or lack of)

    My car is exactly the same. Mud flaps don’t seem to help, the plastic trim isn’t faded it is more sandblasted. The PPF on my rear doors are pulverized and I am regretting only doing the lowers. I should have done the whole door as the chips go basically all the way up.
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    Drive.State.Power Codes (1,11,21,4,-9)?

    Not sure what the thumbs down was about on you there but I think you are looking in the the wrong forum section. The average person here wont understand any of that (maybe thats why the thumbs down, someone that doesn't understand). There is another forum section I have seen somewhere here that...
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    App request to set the temperature in the car to a certain setting at a specific time of day.

    iPhone user? IOS shortcuts can do it really easy. Same idea as taskar for android.
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    What does this speed number mean?

    What is your speed limit mode speed set to? It looks a bit different now but I think it’s the same thing I had. At 80 kph I kept getting this warning and it was because I had set the speed limiter to that. I didn’t have the speed limiter on, just set to 80 and it would warn me whenever I hit...
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    What To Do While I Wait

    If I were you, I would consider putting PPF on the entire rear door. I did my rear lower doors right away back in the summer and ceramic coated it and put on mudflaps as soon as I could get them. I have never once been on gravel, I only drove on 1 snow/salt/sand covered highway one time this...
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    Model Y speed contol

    I have just standard AP and it actually does adjust the speed up or down some times when I get into a different speed zone. I haven’t exactly figured out why it works some places and not others. I think it has something to do with the map data. Also, Sometimes AP will only let me set a speed at...
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    Inaccurate Range Stressed New Owner

    First, change your battery to display %, not distance. The distance reading is pointless. Next, punch in your destination into the nav screen. Now push the right steering wheel button and say “show me the energy screen”. When it comes up select the “trip” tab at the top. Now you will really know...
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    Iphone user app

    IOS shortcuts app can let you do all the same stuff as the app but using “hey Siri” instead and all for free. Not good if you’re not super techy though.

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