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    500 + Mile Range Debate

    Like I stated before, I would like to be able to travel a real 4 hrs (80 mph, so 320 miles) between stops. We used to do a 3:45-4:15 drive (depending on traffic) to our cabin all the time without stopping with no problem, even when my kids were small. I think there's lots of people that would...
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    500 + Mile Range Debate

    It's saying 18:13 for the S, though I don't think we have any info on the characteristics of the taper as compared to the 3. I doubt if it is too much better - I expect improvements there with the 4680's.
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    500 + Mile Range Debate

    I just checked on ABRP for a drive I have coming up - Dallas to Lansing, MI. 18:24 in my LR 3, 22:04 if I had a SR+.
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    500 + Mile Range Debate

    True, it is definitely a lack of a properly placed DC charger. But with the taper as it is today longer range also means faster charging which could knock hours off of a long drive.
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    500 + Mile Range Debate

    There are rarely times when >300 miles are needed, but they do occur. I have a regular drive where I need to go a quite a bit out of my way to keep on a route that I can make, probably >50 miles more than what I could do it in an ICE, or a car with 400+ mile range. To me to put us on par with...
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    2 die in Tesla crash - Report says "nobody was in driver seat"

    There were reports from I believe the BiL that they were going to try out autopilot and the Constable seemed to use this info as proof that nobody was driving. That statement doesn't mean that they were doing it immediately upon leaving the driveway. Most people would get to a reasonably "main"...
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    2 die in Tesla crash - Report says "nobody was in driver seat"

    I haven't read through this all, but my $0.02 - There is an almost zero chance that the car was in AP, and they would have had to try to purposfully defeat all the safety mechanisms to get it there: 1) Driving on cul de sac that can't be more than a few hundred feet long 2) No lane markers, AP...
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    How long does it take for a newbie to change air filter to fix smelly AC?

    Definitely get a flex bit driver. I didn't have one and there was no way I could get to that screw. Needed to make a trip to Lowe's in the middle to go get one. I have no idea what they were thinking when they put that screw at the top of the panel, not the bottom. Some evil plan to get people...
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    Why do Tesla need 2 motors for AWD?

    I read a teardown analysis that said that the cost of a Tesla motor was about $750. I'm sure much cheaper to add another than to add a drivetrain to the front (or rear) & all the associated changes that would require. Plus as others have said, you would lose valuable space where the battery pack...
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    Supercharger - Waco, TX

    I had stopped there before the addition when it was completely full. Last week I was the only one when I pulled in. A couple more pulled in while I was charging - one that went to a V2 stall while most of the V3s were empty. Not sure if that was by choice, or if they didn't realize the...
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    Supercharger - Brinkley, AR

    It's up on ABRP now. Says it shaves 1 hr off my Dallas to Michigan drive vs going through OK.
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    Supercharger - Brinkley, AR

    This location will be a great help in closing the gap while traveling I40E to I55N. It will be about 195 miles to Miner, MO, while it was a risky 270 mile drive to try to make it to Miner from Little Rock.
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    Regen Less Grabby?

    Got 2020.40.3 last night and it feels stronger again. Hopefully it stays that way...
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    Living in my Tesla

    You're a braver man than I climbing on the glass roof.
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    Regen Less Grabby?

    Yes, my regen is definitely not as strong as it used to be. I find myself having to use the brake quite frequently because I misjudged the slowdown. I've been on 36.11 for a while and that did not change it at all. I want my one pedal driving back!

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