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    New 75D or Showroom (11/17) 100D

    I think air suspension became standard at some point...
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    New 75D or Showroom (11/17) 100D

    Personally for me not having the PUP would be a deal-breaker. Otherwise I'd totally go for the 100D. I'm sure some would disagree but for me it is strange for a car in this price range to be bought without the PUP features and you may have a very hard time selling it later without the PUP...
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    2016 P100DL (Loaded) - Asking Price $105K

    Has there been any CPO P100Ds for around the $100K price point?
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    Price Check 100D

    If you configure that car brand new, it is about $110K. So you subtract $25K for miles, $7,500 for the rebate, and $14,000 for the 14 months and it comes to $63K. I realize that is on the low side but a figure to keep in mind nevertheless because this car has a ton of miles for barely a year of...
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    Premium Upgrades Package

    Absolutely. We are looking to buy a Tesla and will not even consider buying one without the PUP features. Our view is when there are cars available to buy with the PUP features, why even bother buying one without the PUP features since the price difference is not that great. Get the PUP because...
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    Premium Upgrades Package

    I personally would not buy a Tesla without the PUP. The upgraded stereo alone makes a big difference and the other features are also very nice to have. Also don't forget you get a part of that $5K back when you sell the car and it would make it easier to sell the car. The heated steering wheel...
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    My CPO Play By Play

    Because we know other forum members have had to refuse delivery because their car was delivered in poor condition so what they did for the OP, they have not done for everyone. I guess the moral of the story is to create a well publicized thread documenting and detailing everything as soon as...
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    Opportunity to trade in my 85 for a P85.. worth it?

    I'd definitely go for a P85 or rather an 85D which will give you the same acceleration, plus AWD and AP. Even if you pay a bit more I would instead look for an 85D.
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    Does Tesla really want to have the worst CPO Program in the world?

    I beg to differ. The CPO program is now worse than the time of the the well publicized post about someone buying a CPO car and receiving the car in dismal condition. The current policy allows Tesla to sell cars that basically pass inspection and little else. What is this about paying "used...
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    "non refurbished" CPOs?

    How can you possibly lose your deposit if a car is sold with stock pictures of a brand new car and any damage to the vehicle is not disclosed in the sale listing? o_O
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    "non refurbished" CPOs?

    I understand that vehicles they have had in their loaner fleet for months and months while being offered for sale as CPO cars likely have quite a bit of additional wear and tear after being driven by dozens of people who probably cared little for the car. Do they place trade-ins and lease...
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    Buyer beware. Buying a CPO Tesla feels like a SCAM.

    Were the cars you looked at CPO cars before deciding to purchase private party? The current policy of selling CPO cars "as is" without refurbishing is especially unnerving for anyone who has bought German CPO cars because you get used to being treated just as well as buying a new car and in...
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    "non refurbished" CPOs?

    What a beautiful car! This is how we maintain our cars as well. We have a vehicle 8 years old and it is pretty much in pristine condition :) Whoever buys it from us will be very lucky. The problem with the Tesla CPO cars is that they loan them out to random people so if a car ends up being used...
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    Buyer beware. Buying a CPO Tesla feels like a SCAM.

    The OP created this thread because he received a car in "crap" condition and he thought that made the CPO process a scam. At least the OP had the comfort in knowing that the car he received was supposed to be refurbished so he had some standing to make a case to please have the car refurbished...
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    Buyer beware. Buying a CPO Tesla feels like a SCAM.

    I think we are there already for the CPO cars. Someone started this thread due to an unfortunate situation with the car he bought and rather than things being made more reasonable for future customers, it has been made worse. With them not refurbishing cars any more it would be silly to put ~...

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