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    Into my 4th year in interior British Columbia with xpel full coat and still holding up well except the A pillar where some road debris scored it. No issue with dirt/gravel/salt on roads all winter and weekly carwash so far. My installer was not real pro (did not wrap around the edges of the...
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    Decreased Residual Value

    I will look at the costs when I do the buyout. Regular warranty will give me one extra year at least. Good question though.
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    Decreased Residual Value

    My lease is up in June after 3 years and I am going to buy the car out. I really do not see any benefit to getting a new MX currently (have P90DL) as "self driving" is a mirage and current batteries offer little extra range. Most of us early buyers are likely waiting for next gen battery packs...
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    Is the new rear camera better?

    I saw some posts about upgrading the rear camera. Are the new cameras different or better? Would that work with my mid 2016 MX (gen 1 everything?) Has anyone done this?
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    Next generation Model X

    All true. But that vehicle is two years away (assuming they are accurate) and as a second car complementing my MX it looks good in its vapourware form. As far as charging, I imagine the landscape will be different in two years with the other automakers getting together to provide competition...
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    Next generation Model X

    This. I think true Level 4/5 driving is a ways (years) off and my 1st gen MX is good enough in stop and go traffic and on good highways (which is the only time I really feel like using it). I was just offered by Tesla to buy out my lease 6 months early if I got a new model MX but not...
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    Updated autopilot sucks!

    Well the GPS based Autopilot that they were talking about might work if the lines are not visible on the road. My point is not that I would expect autopilot to work in icy conditions in its current incarnation, but rather that there are many conditions where in fact it really does not work...
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    Updated autopilot sucks!

    I have huge respect and admiration for Elon Musk and what he is trying to do. If there is one flaw in the system, it is likely that he is surrounded mostly by smart people who understand how things really work when his company calls something "Autopilot" and who pay attention when they drive...
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    Updated autopilot sucks!

    I am a happy 2 year owner of an MX P90DL and l also fully agree with Johno above. Most of us "get" that Autopilot is no such thing and we bought a dream that will take 5 times longer to realize than promised. I personally like to drive hands on and only use AP on good highways or stop and go...
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    Canada MX from USA or best to buy/lease locally

    There is a fantastic dealership and service department in Vancouver. I am not sure the benefit of buying in the US - especially since their dollar is so strong. The used market for MS in Canada should be fairly good.
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    should i wait for the new porsche or i-pace to come out?

    A lot will happen in the next 1-2 years. I leased the X after 2.5 years on the wait list and replaced my Audi SQ5 with it because it is much faster and very cool although 3x the price. Despite the hassles I have never regretted it and I drive to work every morning giggling at the acceleration...
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    should i wait for the new porsche or i-pace to come out?

    I have a P90DL and love it. But the lease is up in 16 months and not sure what I will do. If the Porsche CUV is available with the 0-60 of 3.5 or better and if there are charging stations in Canada that allow Vancouver to Calgary travel, then I might switch. Unless Tesla improves the battery...
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    Model X 90kWh battery pack degradation

    Agree with Jeffro. I don't think many have seen the battery warning I have now on my dash but probably Tesla has identified loss of capacity might be an issue and triggered an alert before the battery degrades significantly so you can arrange warranty replacement. I have read a lot of...
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    Model X 90kWh battery pack degradation

    I got a "battery failure warning - avoid hard acceleration" on my dash one month ago. Tesla service advised that I need a main battery replacement and this is on order. The car P90DL is fully driveable and I simply took it out of ludicrous mode. I have noticed range deterioration over the...
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    8-month-old car, 12V battery needs replacement

    Lol 12 v battery. I just got a "Battery Failure Warning Avoid hard acceleration" on my dash display and the SC says I need the entire 90 KW pack replaced. I am at 18,000 KM and 18 months ownership. The car drives normally so far and I assume I will make it across the mountains 400 km to the...

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