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    can autopark park just as good as my wife or better for model x?

    Reports from YouTubers are that the vision based Autopark is much better than before, but it is still slow, does not always handle tight spaces and can be tricky to engage sometimes although it can now handle spaces without cars on either side. The latest version of Autopark is only available...
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    Wall Connector for M3 RWD and MYLR

    For your use case, 1 HPWC should be fine. Even if your wife has a very heavy usage, you have time to charge on the work from home days. Try it and if you find it is not working or your usage changes, you can always install a second charger. Discuss the option of expansion with your electrician...
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    What wrong and what i need to fix after accident [auctiion / salvage vehicle]

    Definitely contact Tesla Service Center. The BMS-a059 and HVP_w028 errors sound very serious and are linked to drive unit failure in this thread: 200 mile SR+ dead.. BMS_a059 VCFRONT_a192 HVP_w028 BMS_a158
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    Buying used Model 3, new model 3 or Kia EV6

    My wife has a 2018 M3 LR AWD and we are extremely happy with it. In the last 3 1/2 years, it has gone to Tesla service once to replace an upper control arm (covered under warranty). The only other maintenance was 1 set of tires, 1 set of windshield wipers and 4 gallons of windshield washer...
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    Friend ready to give up on FSD Beta Safety Score

    Hopefully now that 10.10.2 is rolling out, Tesla will start adding new FSD Beta users.
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    Car for 21 year old??

    Given the uncertainty of his charging situation, I would avoid an EV. Both my kids started out with Priuses and found them practical, dependable and affordable. My daughter switched to a Rogue and then switched back to Prius. My son traded his second Prius for a used Telsa. He has no home...
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    Black screen new Model 3 2021 model

    This is usually a software issue related to a recent release and is resolved when the next update comes out. A soft reboot usually resolves (You can do a soft reboot while driving). Press and hold both scroll wheels at the same time. Wait for the screen to turn off before you release. The...
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    Multiple phone keys on multiple cars

    1. Navigate to tesla.com website. Click TESLA ACCOUNT in upper right hand corner. Sign in to your Tesla account 2.Click the MANAGE button under the picture of your car 3. Next to the words CAR ACCESS click the little arrow that signifies there is a drop down menu 4. Click the small link that...
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    Am I crazy

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    Kicked out of the FSD Beta! (Long Post)

    Here is hoping the key part is "Feature will be restored with an upcoming software release". What FSD Beta version do you have? Sounds like 10.6 is starting to roll out, so maybe you will not be suspended very long.
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    Am I crazy

    We did a 7500 mile road trip in our MS last July at it was great. We took our two dogs (lab mixes) and added a kitten we found on day 1 at a late night charging stop in PA. The car was great. We found the car usually had more range than we did and as for charging stops the car was ready to go...
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    Your Maintenance experiences / Cost to own

    2018 LR AWD - 22K miles Only been serviced once for: Warranty - right front upper control arm $28 Drivers windshield wiper (SC replaced the passenger for free)
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    Raised Suspension not sticking

    The ride height reset to medium/standard after 100 ft/30 meters. It is a two step process to engage the option to keep until XX speed is reached, 1) select ride height High or Very High 2) touch "Keep" to enable ride height until XX speed is reached from manual: You can manually adjust the...
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    Can I park the wipers in up position?

    Pre-heating the car will de-freeze the windshield wipers, even under 10 inches of snow. While CT is not as harsh as OH, I have not had any issue using pre-heat to un-freeze wipers. Usually it also melts the hard scrabble on the windshield under the snow and most of the snow can be removed by...
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    Mt Rushmore

    There are Tesla HPWC/Destination chargers in the parking garage at Mt Rushmore.

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