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    Mysterious Model 3 squeaking and flapping noise

    My experience was that the squeak was coming from the lid on the center console storage. Not the armrest nor the cell phone cover lid. The one between them that allows access to the storage. I put a little 3 in 1 oil on the hinges for it and the squeaking went away...took me a solid week to...
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    Just got my 14-50 plug installed

    The Tesla wall connector @$500 can charge up to 48 amps with a 60 amp breaker (40 amps in the OP's case with a 50 amp breaker) versus the included mobile connector which can only go up to 32 amps regardless of how large you make the breaker. I have a 100 amp breaker but only the mobile...
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    good weekend sport car that complement well with model 3 owners

    I traded in my Miata for my M3. I loved my Miata and do not regret trading it in at all. The M3 is far superior in many ways but power is the biggest differentiator. When it comes to mechanical (manual) there are so few options these days. Of them, I think the Porsche is a damn fine way to go...
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    What's your best piece of Advice for a newbie?

    I suggest setting the charge level indicator to percentage versus miles/km remaining. You just have to give the range anxiety time to fade away (about a month for me). You see that indicator and immediately think of your cell phone. While they look identical, they behave differently. It is hard...
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    Between a Model Y and a Subaru Outback

    787 total Teslas spotted, of which: 682 Model 3 - 86.7% 38 Model Y - 4.8% 40 Model S - 5.1% 27 Model X - 3.4% LOL...I love the dedication! That's a lot of counting.
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    Road Trip from SF Bay Area to Denver

    I've driven that stretch of road many times through Wyoming. It is the worst. Frequently you will see semis blown over where you make the turn from I-25 onto I-80. Taking I-70 on the way back was the way to go.
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    Modified LR vs Performance

    I have the stealth performance model (I don't track it). Track mode is worth the price of entry. I know everybody has said it but I don't think anybody has said why. It may be because they all know why and it is obvious but I will say it in case you don't know or on case anybody wants to correct...
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    Cruise control / Auto Pilot is Garbage

    I will say that the latest update (2020.48.35.5) has screwed up auto pilot pretty good. It happened to me several times this weekend where I turned on AP and the car immediately slowed down/decelerated. It is a pain to be going 75 mph and then have the car dropped to 45 when I engage AP. I'm...
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    It didn't take long to lose confidence

    I live in Denver. I would consider buying your Y from you for a discount...I hear it is prone to getting unfixable flats which lowers the value for sure. I know someone else offered $40k. I would consider $40.5k depending on the options and current condition.
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    AutoPilot Almost Killed Me!

    I have an M3 and experience phantom braking. I've found that it happens when I am driving downhill approaching an overpass. My assumption is that the radar "sees" the overpass far in the distance because it is in-line with the car due to the car being uphill from the overpass. In combination...
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    Hard, random highway breaking on autopilot

    My experience with phantom braking has always been due to shadows cast by overpasses. At least, that's how it happens to me. With this last update the behavior changed somewhat. Instead of a hard deceleration, this last time it braked more subtly and then after a few seconds began to resume...
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    Rattle noise

    For me the "rattle" or "squeak" came from the hinge of the phone charging pad door/shelf. My solution was to put a few drops of 3-1 oil on each hinge. Since then...no rattle. It did drive me crazy, though.
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    Missing my ICE car. . .

    I got rid of my ND Miata to get my 2020 Stealth Model 3. Obviously, they are apples to oranges regarding most all factors (power, convenience, size, etc). Still, I have to say that I vastly prefer the M3 and don't often miss my Miata. The amount of instantaneous power in the Tesla far outweighs...
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    Cruise Control not available. Almost daily.

    It will not let you set cruise control in an ambiguous situation. For example: if you are sitting at a stop light and getting ready to enter an intersection it will not work. Generally, you have to be driving with well-defined lane markings before it will take. That has been my experience and...
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    Advice Needed: Convincing Husband to Go Tesla

    I got the Taptes all weather mats and trunk liner. They work great for me and I recommend them especially given the price. TAPTES All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model 3 You can buy the adapter for $35 from the online Tesla store and they will ship it to you. Easy-peasy. Gen 2 NEMA Adapters

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