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    Best Sunshade For Windshield And Roof?

    True, it can take some time to arrive. Of the four I’ve ordered in the past, three shipped within 7-10 days but one didn’t arrive until 5-6 weeks later (I think it was the blue shade that’s no longer available).
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    Best Sunshade For Windshield And Roof?

    I really like the quality and coverage of Covercraft sunshades. It is a little pricier than other designs but offers excellent performance at blocking out heat. I like that I can fold it up easily and quickly, even with a passenger in the front seat, and stow it atop the dashboard for easy...
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    Feasibility of Tesla for Job with a lot of miles

    OP, if you really want to minimize cost then have you considered a pre-January 2017 Model S? Some of the older Model S from that vintage allowed transferable lifetime free unlimited Supercharging. If you do snag one of those, the caveats would be slower Supercharging speed (costing you more...
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    Refreshed Model S LR vs Model Y LR

    They are both suitable for daily use and they’re both fun. Sorry I’m not much help. The Model S is the best looking Tesla and I think it matches me best. However, the Y fits our family needs better (backseat comfort, dog, towing/bike rack, easier to park for my wife). I know some folks install...
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    Refreshed Model S LR vs Model Y LR

    We had a 2019 Raven S Standard Range with the revised air suspension. I loved the S and couldn’t fathom “downgrading” to a Y and was considering jumping to a pre-refresh Raven X. Now we have a Model Y LR in the garage, lol. As much as I love the FWD, I really don’t like driving something as big...
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    New $1500 rebate for CA owners

    Gives me hope. I got the $2500 a couple of years ago with Model S and should still be eligible for $2000 with our new Y, when funding is restored. Applied in August 2021.
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    Charge Limit Exceeded

    A percent or two is normal as the battery gets warmer with rising ambient temperature. What the OP describes is excessive overcharging. It is colder overnight and if you unplug exactly when charging completes then your percent SoC can still increase as the battery and garage get warmer. The...
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    What's your 100% charge range?

    Regarding tinting the roof, really unnecessary:
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    Wh/mi consumption too high?

    Thanks for sharing. I find the efficiency improvement with the heat pump a little disappointing based on this video. The way the heat pump was hyped up I expected it would make a more significant difference in the 20-30 Wh/mi range. Oh well, it is what it is.
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    What's your 100% charge range?

    Thank you, we’ve been quite happy with the Y and its real-world range. Yesterday was particularly busy and we drove 118.8 miles running errands on top of school pickup. We charge to 70% and the car used 38% for the day. That calculates out to a tad over 312 miles of real world range if we were...
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    What's your 100% charge range?

    Ditto with 70% charges, every 1-2 days.
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    iPhone 12 Pro Max and charging

    Sorry to hear about your issues with the iPhone 13 Pro Max and various cases. With my 12 Pro Max wirelessly charging works every time with a Torras Crystal Clear case, except the phone would overheat to the point that the screen dimmed to the lowest brightness and I couldn’t see what was...
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    What's your 100% charge range?

    Thank you and it doesn’t take any conscious effort on my part. Even my wife averages just a touch better than EPA on this morning’s roundtrip to school and back, including a short stop at Trader Joe’s. Her efficiency isn’t as good as mine because she hasn’t quite mastered one-pedal driving yet...
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    What's your 100% charge range?

    In case this was in reference to my 25-mile trip, I assure you it is roundtrip. In my above posts I also shared comparisons of the same commute between my Model S and Model Y and they both get similar efficiency, both beating their respective EPA estimates. Despite working from home now, we...
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    Price Increase

    It was an excruciating 3-month wait for our Y to be delivered but am very happy to learn we paid $3500 less compared to now. I contemplated waiting for 4680 batteries but didn’t want to pay thousands more and get a first-year run. I love the Y even more than my previous S (and did not think that...

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