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    Carfax Report? [does a minor repair at a body shop appear on carfax?]

    :) My auto repair shop said they don't report repairs to Carfax.
  2. FB49

    Carfax Report? [does a minor repair at a body shop appear on carfax?]

    Everything was absolutely documented including accident video, accident timeline, Police incident number, names, phone numbers, email addresses, phone calls with times and dates, estimates, itemized repair parts list, and final invoice (over $1600). Everything was conducted through our...
  3. FB49

    Carfax Report? [does a minor repair at a body shop appear on carfax?]

    Several weeks ago a young fellow backed his F350 Ford pickup into our parked Model 3. He actually only nudged our M3 at less than 1 mph (the onboard cameras caught it all on video) but his trailer hitch ball left a deep dimple and very slightly cracked the paint on the front fascia. My...
  4. FB49

    2014 Model S 60 to S 85 battery upgrade?

    In 2019 we traded in our low mileage 2014 Model S 60 and bought a new Model 3 Long Range - Dual Motor. Is it possible that after trading it in with Tesla, they could have performed an electronic upgrade on the M60 to make it a M85 using their over-the-air update wizardry? It seems to me such...
  5. FB49

    Removing front bumper

    This is a job that may best be left to the professionals. Removing that fascia can include connections for: headlights, parking lights, turn signals, fog lights, and several other detectors mounted in the fascia itself. We are scheduled to have that fascia replaced after a County Parks &...
  6. FB49

    Sentry mode worked perfectly!

    Today while parked and away from the car, a County Parks & Recreation Department F-350 backed into our Model 3. Nobody hurt, but it was kinda weird watching the video as that big old pickup kept creeping back, and back, and back, until the trailer hitch smacked the front of the car :oops: The...
  7. FB49

    Supercharger protocols?

    We've owned our 2019 M3-LR for a year and a half now and used the Tesla Supercharging network only a few times, and each time there were always plenty of open charging stalls. But as more and more Teslas are being produced, I've heard that Tesla Supercharging locations can get really crowded...
  8. FB49

    Charge port door issue

    Rocky - which corner of the charge door do I push? I tried pushing several places on the charge port door last night but it would not open until I pressed the icon on the touch screen. Maybe I need to be more precise when pushing a specific corner of the charge port door? :oops:
  9. FB49

    Charge port door issue

    I've got my 2019 M3 LR set up to remain unlocked when parked inside my garage. At the end of the day if I decide to charge overnight, I go out to the garage to plug in but pressing the button on the charger cord will not open the charge port door. Sometimes if I open the left rear passenger...
  10. FB49

    Backup Alarm?

    A friend stopped by with his 2019 Model 3 yesterday (his car is 2 months older than my Model 3) and as he was backing out, a weird sound came from the car. It sounded sort of like a Star Wars battle cruiser passing by. He said it had been there since new. I rather liked the sound as an alert...
  11. FB49

    Date my Model 3 was built?

    Sorry, "SA or DA" ??
  12. FB49

    Date my Model 3 was built?

    I know the month and year my Model 3 was built but is there any way I can figure out what day of the month it rolled off the assembly line? We were thinking about having a "birthday party" but aren't sure of the exact date. Thanks.
  13. FB49

    Seat Covers

    Not actually full seat covers, but we recently bought this rear seat, bottom cover to keep muddy dog prints off the white interior. Super easy to install and clean. Well worth the $40 cost. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07VNRK868/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  14. FB49

    New .36 is interesting

    Funny, the side cameras never appeared on the screen until yesterday. The additional cameras do not work when my wife drives the car! I'm thinking something different in our driver profiles?
  15. FB49

    New .36 is interesting

    Two days ago we received download 2020.32.3 that included a neat back-up feature. When the car is shifted into reverse, there are now 3 back-up screens to watch. Besides the center camera just above the license plate, the two side cameras now display on the screen. No need to use the side...

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