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    Could this be an easy charging/outlet install?

    That flexible conduit comes in both metallic and non metallic variants. Hard to tell which it is, but if it was metallic it would be acting as the safety ground for the a/c.
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    Could this be an easy charging/outlet install?

    The ground in that installation may be the metal conduit. It was allowed at one time to do that, but I don’t know if it still is. That said, you won’t be able to use this circuit for charging your car. It’s very likely 240V, but you can’t just connect an outlet to it. However, the fact...
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    Supercharger protocols?

    >>> and it's only going to get worse. Just remember that Tesla is building a lot of new cars - but is also building a lot of new Superchargers. I think congestion is going to happen, but it's going to be temporary and local, just until Tesla can get location and permits to expand. For example...
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    Model 3 Oil Filter

    Short answer: No, this isn’t something you should worry about. Personally, I’ll put it on my list to replace the Drive Unit fluid and this filter at my 200,000 mile tune-up.
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    Charge Current Fluctuating

    If the Tesla Mobile connector sees a large voltage drop, it’ll reduce the charge current. The worst case is that this is caused by a loose connection in the circuit, which will get hot, start a fire, burn your house down and cause ED. So Tesla is cautious and tries to prevent that. I agree...
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    My poor baby, someone rear ended me, anyone know what to expect in cost and time?

    My son got rear ended and his car (my old one) totaled. My insurance company (AAA) handled it all-within a week we had a check for an amount greater than the car was worth IMHO, and they dealt with the other driver’s insurance. I had a not at fault accident in my 3 (first one in 30 years), and...
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    5-20 dropping 13 volts under 16 amp load. Not good.

    A clamp style wire termination on the outlet is an excellent termination; no need to question that as long as the screw is tight.
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    5-20 dropping 13 volts under 16 amp load. Not good.

    It was good that you noticed the voltage drop. Most would have blown it off. Currently, you think that the circuit is "130-150 feet long". Assuming that you paced it off, that's the minimum. You haven't fully determined the route of the circuit ("So there's a Y connection somewhere in the...
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    UMC_a001 Inadequate outlet grounding

    Yes, the electrician should charge a reasonable amount. They'll pull the outlets in the garage out of the wall, and check the ground connection on each, and they'll open the circuit breaker box and try to determine which ground wire goes to the garage, and check how well it's connected. It...
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    How long does it take for a newbie to change air filter to fix smelly AC?

    I believe, and fervently hope, so. Ask again at the end of summer.
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    How long does it take for a newbie to change air filter to fix smelly AC?

    If you have a new M3, you’ll likely never experience it due to a software update meant to eliminate it. Prior to that, in some cars condensation in the a/c system would cause musty or stinky smells that required changing the filter and cleaning the evaporator core to get rid of.
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    Battery charge status [estimate] way off on road trip

    I've never had that big of a difference, especially having reality being better than the estimate. I've had the opposite, but that's been on legs where I've driven 85 mph. One thing that might have happened here - if there's any elevation difference between the start and end points, it will...
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    Tesla for 80 year old?

    I disagree with the tech naysayers here. i think it would be easy to set up the car in a way that they would enjoy, and have even less to worry about. Enable Chill, set regen to low(if they buy used), find a streaming station they like, turn on lane departure assistance, and it’ll be an...
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    Range Model 3 [can I make a 250 mile trip with no stops?]

    If you have a LR with 18" aero wheels and flat ground, you've got plenty of range. Keep the speed under 80, make sure the tires are inflated, charge to 100% before you leave (and be careful, because you won't have any regen) and you'll be golden. If you have an SR, SR+, or MR, or have an M3P...

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