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    AP locking onto cars in the other lane and slowing down to their speed

    Are you positive this happens when you are in the *left* lane? Here in Europe, the car behaves this way because it's illegal to overtake on the right.
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    Is a Model S right for me?

    Same situation here. Work is in Switzerland, home is in nearby France, Supercharger is midway between the two. I certainly make it work, but my daily commute is 80 km / day and I'm spending a lot of time sitting at the Supercharger (usually twice a week, sometimes double that). My car is a Model...
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    Is it possible that AVs will never be as safe as human drivers with ADAS?

    Embedded within are two assumptions that might contribute to the proposition being false. First is the assumption that drivers with ADAS equipped vehicles will keep their vigilance at a constant level with higher levels of assistance. Second is the assumption that the human driver would not have...
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    Is it possible that AVs will never be as safe as human drivers with ADAS?

    Any sufficiently advanced ADAS system is indistinguishable from an AV.
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    2018 S 100D - AP2 or AP2.5?

    AP2 was only in production for a short while, all new cars come with the AP2.5 hardware. Given the recent distribution of V9 to early access owners, I'd say there's a very good chance yours will be up to date when you take delivery next month.
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    Autopilot HW 3

    And anything FSD won't be available for another 6 months and will require HW3. Am I reading this correctly? Elon Musk on Twitter
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    Firmware 9 in August will start rolling out full self-driving features!!!

    Mobileye has been floating the 2021 date for years now, both with multiple EyeQ4 or two EyeQ5.
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    IIHS compares driver assistance Tesla, MB, BMW Volvo

    It's a mystery to me as to why some of those agencies continue to test against older software versions. Publicly available data shows the Tesla fleet has incredible update adoption. Those hill lane-holding imperfections have been fixed for months now.
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    Software Update 2018.21.9 75bdbc11

    Man, if that were the case, I'd be running 2019.50.4 b44fbfe584 already!
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    Take over without being in autopilot

    It's rather easy to replicate: on well marked lanes, with Autosteer engaged, keep a constant pressure on the wheel as if you were trying to overcome it (but staying just below the disengagement torque) and then disengage Autosteer (by pushing the stalk or braking, doesn't matter) and let go of...
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    What will AP do if there is a sudden jerk, like a blown tire?

    Hydroplaning triggered the "Take Over Immediately" alert for me once. I suspect any loss of traction would trigger that alert.
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    Vendor TeslaSpy.com - Know your tesla

    Congratulations on the launch, this looks really good ! I'm currently a TeslaFi subscriber, and I'm seriously considering switching when my renewal comes up.
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    AP2.0 Cameras: Capabilities and Limitations?

    To my eyes, the second, fifth, and penultimate ones read: – Autopilot Control – Tuning Parameters – Club Rewarding
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    Neural Networks

    I’ve heard that sound (the same put-your-hands-on-the-wheel-or-else beeps) used in other situations than wheel torque timeouts for quite a few versions now. I think it happens when the perception confidence drops below a certain threshold. You can try it by enabling Autosteer on well marked...
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    Electronic Parking Break Sticking

    This happens to our car as well. We've narrowed it down to the humidity. The longer the park, the louder the *clunk*, especially when driven trough rain before parking. Sometimes creep is even too weak to overcome the braking force. Service Center suggested it's probably a fine layer of rust...

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