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  1. fseir

    Autopilot blinded, disengaged by sun on interstate

    Happens to me all too often, as my commuting times and east-west travel seems to set me up for twice daily blinding. In fact, I started this thread a while back, to discuss what Tesla might need to do to solve this problem: Blinded by the sun I’m hoping they might be able to do some software...
  2. fseir

    MS/MX style aftermarket rear chrome trim for Model 3

    I’ve bought some stuff off Etsy, and didn’t have any issues, but I think it’s an e-commerce marketplace, so you’re actually buying from individual sellers. So your experience may be as good or bad as that particular seller. That rear emblem looks nice. As for me, I’m still really happy with...
  3. fseir

    Have you ever hit something on autopilot?

    Yeah, I’ve watched a ton of FSD beta videos, but haven’t seen one that tests that scenario yet — anyone know if FSD 5 avoids potholes?
  4. fseir

    Have you ever hit something on autopilot?

    I’m hoping when V11 finally comes, the FSD visualizations will still depict everything the cameras see. I think it would be reassuring to know the car sees the barrier and the upcoming turns ahead of time.
  5. fseir

    Have you ever hit something on autopilot?

    Ah, that’s good to know it was on AP2, thanks for the clarification. I googled ‘Jersey barrier’ and see that most of those seem to have a very low flared out base, so I can imagine how that would only contact the tire. Our zipper barrier has a much taller and flatter base, so I’m not sure it...
  6. fseir

    Question Regarding AP vs FSD vs Beta FSD

    Prior to COVID, when my commute home was largely stop and go, I could go for well over a minute without a nag, so it seemed to be partially dependent on velocity (or maybe the timer resets every time the car comes to a halt?). Not sure if that’s still the case, since COVID has temporarily fixed...
  7. fseir

    Have you ever hit something on autopilot?

    Oh man, this is exactly what I worry about. The car is so close to that barrier, that if it freaked out, even for a split second, it might be hard to manually correct. Glad your car wasn’t damaged by the Jersey barrier. Amazing that it could make contact with anything at speed, and not suffer...
  8. fseir

    Have you ever hit something on autopilot?

    My daily commute includes a zipper lane, which has little-to-no left-sided shoulder, and is right up against mobile concrete dividers (the zipper), which feel like they’re about 2 feet from my driver side. I’m sure they’re probably actually farther away, but at 60-70 mph (prevailing speed of...
  9. fseir

    Good Alexa Skill that works with Model 3

    Wish there was a powerwall skill for echo show.
  10. fseir

    Recirculate keeps turning off

    Hadn’t really considered CO2 buildup being significant during my 40ish minute commute, but I guess it makes sense that could happen in a car that is fairly airtight. So for the past few days, I’ve been trying to get in the habit of turning recirc on only when I approach stanky areas. Doing...
  11. fseir

    Recirculate keeps turning off

    Hmmm, then maybe it IS related to going into entertainment mode? It seems like when you enter that mode, it momentarily affects the climate control. I wonder if it’s like restarting the AC, so it “loses” your preference, and allows the car to once again decide when it thinks it should be off...
  12. fseir

    Recirculate keeps turning off

    I’m guessing it’s just a firmware bug that will eventually be squashed, but I’m surprised more people aren’t complaining about this. I always do the bug report thing whenever it happens, but I’ve heard that Tesla doesn’t necessarily see those, unless you take your car in and they actively search...
  13. fseir

    Recirculate keeps turning off

    I’m currently on 2020.40.8, but this started one or two firmware updates ago: On my commute, there are a couple of areas that are notoriously stinky, so I keep recirculation turned on all the time. Prior to a recent update, this wasn’t a problem; the HVAC stayed in recirculate. Lately, it seems...
  14. fseir

    Upgrade to FSD before increase?

    All the Model 3/Y needs is an IR light source to see at night and through sunglasses. This could easily be added, either as a mod, or an upgrade. George Hotz (most recently on the Lex Fridman podcast) believes the model 3 camera is probably sufficient to do acceptable driver monitoring.
  15. fseir

    Custom Made Cooling Fans for Wireless Charging Pad

    Will be interesting to see if they will be able to make this compatible with the new MagSafe iPhones. Anyway, since Apple didn’t add 120hz to the iPhone 12, I’m going to skip this one and wait for the 13. Gives me another year, at least, with my current setup.

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