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    Driver LCD Display for Model 3

    Looks very useful! I really wish the 3 came with a front display like the S. Do you have a link to where you got the screen protector? Thanks!
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    12v Switched?

    Please Please post some wiring pictures!
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    12v Switched?

    Thanks. I’m not sure if I recognize where this picture is— is it below the level of the leg airbag, and near where the door would swing open? And just to clarify— would the brown wire be tapped above the white tape? Also, where do people attach the ground wire? The bolt deep in the...
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    12v Switched?

    Hi All. Could someone post a picture (or indicate on an existing picture here) where the brown wire is located that’s being used to trigger their relays? I’ve got a 2018 model 3 that will be using VC Left as the main 12v power— I’ve done that part and now need to wire the relay part, as well as...
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    Norcal: Sacramento Area XPEL PPF/Ceramic Coating Group Buy

    Is the buy only for the xpel and ceramic coating? I did my xpel with them before they were doing ceramic over it, and have been thinking about having them add the ceramic.
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    Back from renting an ICE - M3 wins hands down except for blind spot warning

    Blind spot detection is terrible on the 3. No one should be looking at the touchscreen when changing lanes. The audio alert comes on only in an imminent crash. The best work around I’ve heard proposed is to have the blinker make a slightly different noise when there’s someone in your...
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    TeslaOffer vs Hanshow Power Trunk

    One thing I can say about the TeslaOffer guys is that their customer support has been superb. Raymond always responds quickly to my questions (and I just ordered the upgrade kit for my liftgate from them). You’re buying more than just the hardware with these guys, and if you intend to install...
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    Jeda Model 3 Hub with Taptes Wireless Charger

    I had a similar Taptes pad problem even without a hub. There’s some sort of known issue with Taptes, where you need to use the splitter the pad came with and make sure the thin wire is the one connecting to the car’s USB A port. In your case, I’d try plugging the thin wire from the Taptes pad’s...
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    12volts power plug after v10 update

    Hi All. Is there any 12v source that turns off when the car is off and sentry mode is on? Does VCRight work this way and is it safe to use? Thanks!
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    M3 2018/2018 service manual and wiring diagrams

    Does the manual tell you how to take everything apart? What I’m looking for are things like where clips would be to hold the pieces together and maybe what tools are needed (eg what size wrench to use to get to the air filter (I know I can find that information elsewhere, but it’d be handy to...
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    Progressive rating for MS: no blind spot warning

    I hope this issue gets more attention. The blindspot warning is present, but poorly implemented. Many of us can’t angle out the mirrors enough for ‘proper’ positioning. You need to have the visual warning on the mirrors, where you’re looking when changing lanes. It’s in an even worse position...
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    Why the obsession with deleting chrome?

    I like my chrome. My 2005 Civic came pre-deleted. I’m quite happy to have a different look than what I’ve had for the past 15 years.
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    High pitched whine in Reverse?

    A video would help. The pedestrian warning noise (soon to be required by law for all new EVs) does make a whine only in reverse at low speed (and a white noise hiss when going forward).
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    Which voice commands do you use most?

    Wiper speed! Set Temperature to XX (Fan speed is also useful)
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    Mirror Dimmers

    The best you can do is unplug the mirrors. On the side mirrors, you have to pull off the mirror glass. Its held on by clips like other manufacturers’ mirrors, so it’s no too difficult to remove. I replaced mine with Suma wide angle (non blue) mirrors, myself. The Suma mirrors don’t dim but if...

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