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    Tesla in de pers (NL/BE)

    Denk dat hij in de war is met de optie "Battery replacement" die destijds €9200 (ex Btw) kostte. Dit gaf je na 5 jaar het recht op een nieuwe accu. Wel vooraf te voldoen...
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    Battery Improvements - Pieces of the Puzzle

    The million mile battery is very useful for the robotaxi fleet..
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    Roadster PEM failure

    Here is a reference to these semiconductor fuses, from a model S thread: DC - DC converter / AC compressor repair
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    Roadster PEM failure

    Thanks to all who fixed their PEMs and explained what needed to be done! My roadsters PEM also had crumbling insulation material, and had shorted to the heatsinks on phases 1 and 3, while charging the car. three IGBT's had burn marks on them, i replaced them, although they appeared to be still...
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    Preventive eMMC replacement on MCU1

    Just a wild guess here, but wouldn't it be possible to search for the certificates in this raw dump? As the size of each certificate is <8kB they are probably stored in one flash block, and not cut up, and scattered around in the flash.
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    Preventive eMMC replacement on MCU1

    Just received the emmc reader from allsocket, and some new unused H26M42001FMR chips. Plugged the reader in my PC, asked if i wanted to format the drive. Took a while, but finished. Then i tried to copy some files to the 'drive', seemed to work, sort of... but took a long time. Opening the...
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    Preventive eMMC replacement on MCU1

    @LuckyLuke No that will not work, Elnec has become very greedy on any device with more then 48 pins, even if only a handful of pins are used. The software requires a specialized adapter with identification chip. According to the datasheet it supports 1, 4 and 8 bit mode. So reading it with a sd...
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    Preventive eMMC replacement on MCU1

    My device programmer (Elnec Beeprog+) supports the Hynix H26M42001FMR, but the price for the adapters (you need two) is so high (total €680) that it is probably not worthwhile to invest in them. The programmer software mentioned that it is possible to protect reading/writing to the eMMC, by...
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    Tesla Wall Connector load sharing protocol

    I did some logging on the can bus of the TWC. CAN id 0x30C is the one you need. Only one byte is sent: 0x00 Stop Charging 0x01 Start Charging
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    E-Rally 2018: de lustrum editie!

    Bedankt organisatie, voor de zeer geslaagde dag. Volgend jaar staat in de agenda genoteerd!
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    Tesla Wall Connector load sharing protocol

    Wow, great work! I do have a C2000 launchpad dev bord from TI, i might be able to use the build in JTAG programmer to connect to one of my TWC's Will give it a try. Sadly my copy of IDA (standard) does not support the TMS320, IDA pro does seem to support it though...
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    Tesla Wall Connector load sharing protocol

    I suspect the firmware and settings are stored in the TMS320F28034 (the big square IC on the board) . I did identify the 14 pin JTAG connector (CNA8). Pinout is: 1 - TMS (pin60 IC) 3 - TDI (pin 59) 5 - 3v3 7 - TDO (pin 58) 9,11 - TCK (pin 57) 13 ---| 5K |--- 3v3 2 ---| 2k2 |--- GND 4,6,8,10,12...
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    Tesla Wall Connector load sharing protocol

    @CDragon I dumped the eeprom on one of my TWC's a while ago. There is not much data in it. I don't remember if i tested the TWC without it. But i'll send you the file anyway.
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    Smart EVSE (Open Source)

    Hi, In order to load a new firmware to the SmartEVSE you only need a serial-USB cable like a FTDI cable. Connect it to the 6 pads on the SmartEVSE, using a pinheader. Then use the AN1310 program (sorry Windows only) to connect to the SmartEVSE. Download the latest firmware from Github here...
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    Tesla Wall Connector load sharing protocol

    I verified your discovery on my EU TWC, and it works fine. Thanks! I tried charging at 2A (3 phase) for more then 30 minutes, and no issues. The charging efficiency is probably terrible, as it's only charging at 3km/h, but it's nice to be able to set the charge current to a lower value then 6A...

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