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  1. fwgmills

    Firmware 2020.48.x

    I’m getting it too. 2017 Model X that was upgraded to MCU2/AP3. Christmas surprise?
  2. fwgmills

    Tesla needs to move to CCS in North America

    Could be worse...we could all be using those goofy-ass inductive paddle chargers they put on the EV1 and the RAV4 EV. :D
  3. fwgmills

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    I’m in this boat. 17 Model X with AP2 and MCU1. I’ve bought FSD last year and I’m patiently waiting for my “notification”.
  4. fwgmills

    Omar Gosh This is So Wrong

    That's a beautiful house. Too bad it's gonna be ash shortly after he starts using that charger. I hope he does fix it (see previous comments) because if the "electrician" they called got involved in any way they would know what they were doing was stupid dangerous.
  5. fwgmills

    DFW Airport Charging Rant!

    Yes, it is the answer but you're assuming that most humans are rational creatures. When Hurricane Harvey hit the Houston area and rumors of gas shortages started to circulate, everyone and their dog went to a gas station whether they needed gas or not. We all remember the outcome. We...
  6. fwgmills

    Supercharger - Henrietta, TX

    6 cabinets=12 stalls seems like a lot of charging for that route. Perhaps this will also be a makeshift Tesla Semi charger, not the famed megacharger but enough power to charge the Semi on a southern east-west route. Just pure speculation on my part. :D
  7. fwgmills

    Supercharger - Fort Worth, Texas

    Just noticed that the Fort Worth Supercharger is marked open but is labeled as 120kw. Someone tell @BlueShift that it's Urban Superchargers, not 120kw regular ones from the pictures I've seen. And I'll be going down there next opportunity in my quest to graph out all the nearby superchargers...
  8. fwgmills

    Instrument Cluster display persistence while plugged in

    You guys were right. When I went out yesterday I turned on Energy Saver and turned off Cabin Overheat Protection. That not only brought my vampire drain from 12-15 miles a day down to 1-2 miles a day, but I just went out in the dark garage and the charge port is off and the IC display is off...
  9. fwgmills

    Instrument Cluster display persistence while plugged in

    I turned off "walk away locking" because I look stupid backing away from the car waiting for it to lock..like a bad western gunslinger waitin' to DRAW. I just lock it myself from the fob. :D If it beeped when it locked I would turn it back on in a heartbeat, but with only the folding mirrors...
  10. fwgmills

    Instrument Cluster display persistence while plugged in

    This is actually great to hear. Even though I've witnessed it once I shouldn't worry too much about it. If the screen does start to burn-in and the image becomes permanent I'll get Tesla involved immediately.
  11. fwgmills

    Instrument Cluster display persistence while plugged in

    Keys are on the other side of the house, and it's not on while charging, but when charging is complete it comes on. I haven't witnessed it but everytime I go out to the car (keys or not) when it's fully charged when I open the garage/house door to a dark garage I can see the charge port solid...
  12. fwgmills

    Instrument Cluster display persistence while plugged in

    I keep my Model X in the garage and while it's in there it's unlocked. I have noticed that when I charge it, once charging is complete the instrument cluster display comes on and stays on. Yesterday when I unplugged to go to lunch in the darkness of the garage I could see a persistent image of...
  13. fwgmills

    Paying in advance or bring a check?

    I did some research on the difference between ACH (Automated Clearing House) and Wire Transfer. Essentially they are both the same but an ACH transfer is a batch transfer, usually free, usually every night or every other night depending on your financial institution. A Wire Transfer happens...
  14. fwgmills

    The DFW area seems to be having a gas frenzy

    Anybody remember this from Sneakers. I think it applies perfectly. FF to 1:10
  15. fwgmills

    Supercharger - Southlake, Texas

    I thought the "evergreen trees" remark was interesting. The P&Z commission was concerned about having 10 "Tesla billboards" at the charging site but those lighted pedestals are there to help owners find the stupid chargers in parking lots with bad lighting. Also the other board member that was...

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