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    Used LR MS 17 or LR M3 21?

    Definitely get a new Model 3 (better yet a Model Y), much better battery technology with better thermal tolerance. Model Y interior space is not that different compare to a Model S, but Model Y is at a much lower cost. Also, there are way too many horror stories about buying used car through...
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    [Vote]- Will you buy Hummer EV instead of Cybertruck or Rivian?

    Will you buy Hummer EV instead of Cybertruck or Rivian? Please vote.
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    RWD LR Order?

    I thought Elon already said on Twitter in summer that LR RWD will be produced by the end of the year.
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    274 miles of range at 100%

    Once every two months, you should charge your car to 100%, so the battery management system can re-calibrate and calculate the battery % and miles more accurately.
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    ABRP Prices update

    Elon has stated before, even when electricity production is 100% produced by coal, driving an electric car would still minimize the CO2 impact because electric car is much more efficient. EV has the equivalent of 120 to 150 miles per gallon, while gasoline car is at 40 miles per gallon at best...
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    2021 Model 3 and differences from 2020

    When you take delivery of your car and found out that it is not the 2021 model like your sales advisor stated, I guess worst case is that you reject the delivery and show the sales advisor email which states the 2021 model?
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    ABRP Prices update

    Even if supercharging is the same price as filling up a gasoline car, would you rather give that let's say 30 dollars to Tesla or oil companies? Do you want Tesla to use your 30 dollars to accelerate the world to sustainable energy? Let alone the air pollution and CO2 it generate with gasoline...
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    2021 Model 3 and differences from 2020

    EMEA stands for "Europe Middle East Africa". So that means North American markets are getting European Model 3 headlights?
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    Help. Placed order and I'M TOO EXCITED

    Setup and install home charging equipment before delivery. Recommend setting up 240v 14-50 outlet at your home, then use the mobile charger that comes with your car to charge everyday. The $500 Gen 3 Wall charger has way too many problems now to be recommended.
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    Model S gets $3K price drop then a $2570 drop to $69420!

    It is possible that he want to get rid of current inventory before a possible future refresh. But it is also possible that the cost of manufacturing a Model S has come down so much that he decided to offer good price to make it more affordable for everyone. I personally still think that the...
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    Model S gets $3K price drop then a $2570 drop to $69420!

    I always hear that Carmax offer better trade-in price for Tesla...
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    After too long on the sidelines, I’m about to become an owner

    Not sure what exactly is defined as Raven. But the latest development in Model S is getting the "-G" battery for the better cooling and faster supercharging. You can see it at 11:45 of this video.
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    After too long on the sidelines, I’m about to become an owner

    Just curious, why you wouldn't consider getting Model 3 or Y? They are less expensive with newer battery technology.
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    Model S gets $3K price drop then a $2570 drop to $69420!

    I thought the statistic of "60% of new car sales is EV" is only for the month of September. Which is heavily screwed and exaggerated because Tesla and some other manufacturer always deliver a huge amount of car in the last month of each quarter (but almost no car in the first two months of the...
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    Model S gets $3K price drop then a $2570 drop to $69420!

    Wow, how did you negotiate with Mercedes to buy that used S class for $61000 (while they list it at $114000) ? That's almost 50% off what they ask for.

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