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    Model 3 Door cards (pre-interior refresh)

    The older design door cards also have the soft feel bottom section - same as the top - those new ones are hard plastic. No idea if they are the same size and door fixing positions though. Paying an extra £1300 for a white interior and finding the white inserts are no longer fitted is just...
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    Charging at hotels, caravans, guesthouses, cabins etc with 3 pin plug

    Well funnily enough I've just returned from a week at the sea side, stayed in a house like an Air B&B - rented for the week. I did charge my car every day - topped up maybe just 10% as we were just outside the resort so was driving in each day - took the grandkids. I didn't ask for permission...
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    Octopus no longer showing meter readings on bills

    Just because they have dumbed down the bill details because in their view people just don't want that information (How did they establish this?) doesn't mean they still cant produce them on request, perhaps a discussion with them and insist you do want them included in your bill. Its only a...
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    I hate my Tesla! Don’t buy one!

    You lucky lucky bugger.
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    I hate my Tesla! Don’t buy one!

    I think I'm being misunderstood or perhaps the way I phrased my comment wasn't clear. When i say its fundamentally a 5 year old car I do understand the continuing development going on under the surface, however, compare the first model 3 to the very latest and from the outside they are...
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    LPT - don't store contacts in a flocked tray!

    I did wonder just what this post was about, I see its contact lenses.
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    Hansshow latest Frunk kit 17-20 M3

    Just fitted my 2020 M3P with the latest version of Hansshow's Frunk kit. There appears to be different versions of the same version number which when coupled with a less than useless installation manual and little help when you contact Hansshow (read that as none in a timely fashion) It makes it...
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    I hate my Tesla! Don’t buy one!

    My 2020 M3P must be a lemon - a Friday afternoon car because my car is completely different to what others say regarding build quality, paint, rattles. Admittedly my car has only 7K miles on the clock but I don't have any panel gap issues, no dodgy paint work - its machine polished, paint...
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    Hansshow auto frunk for 2022 MYP emergency release will not work

    I spent a little time looking at this new suction motor and noted the electrical plug has 8 pins - so this leads me to believe when you pull the release cable it connects electrically to the primary and secondary release actuators - and makes sense, however, the lack of a mechanical link would...
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    LV hiking insurance prices again

    I understand what you say but insurance isn't a physical thing like for example a washing machine - a shop selling washing machines have paid money out to get their stock - and that stock is dead money until its sold - so in those circumstances a shop selling on credit means it will take time to...
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    Hansshow auto frunk for 2022 MYP emergency release will not work

    You must have the very latest kit with the 2 cable suction motor (1 cable to the bonnet lock and the other is the emergency release cable) - I understand how the suction bit works to pull the bonnet to its final position as a soft close but the emergency release lever is connected to the side of...
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    LV hiking insurance prices again

    New Job for Borris?
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    LV hiking insurance prices again

    I agree, Its a business where no one but the underwriters understands it, and if you try to push the insurer by asking logical questions they just tell you its a complicated algorithm of factors - because those working for the businesses don't understand it either. From my perspective and...
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    Model Y Passenger Wiper Blade Jumping

    The usual source for wiper judder is either a contaminant on the blade or glass or the wiper arm has been bent and the blade isn't sitting at a 90 degree angle to the screen - and its most common for the arm to be the issue.

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