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    Forget the truck (please), can we talk about that trainwreck of a reveal?

    Can they not put some senior event marketing folks in charge of this stuff? Elon has shown several times that he really can't do these live presentations ad hoc, but it seems he spends no time rehearsing. He had practically no idea what slide was coming up next and flubbed his lines while ad...
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    Rear door hinge bent slightly coming out of garage. Options?

    My son left the door open as he climbed into the back seat. Without realizing it, I backed up and clipped my wife's car on the way out. I stopped as soon as I heard contact, but the rear door hinge/pillar had already been pulled back slightly, maybe five degrees beyond where it normally stops...
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    P85D & P90D - 2019.20.1 Firmware

    My 2015 S P85DL is still on 2019.16.2. No prompt yet to update.
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    "The S and X are better cars than the Model 3" - Elon

    S will get some love, but not for a while yet. They have a lot on their plate. I personally will wait to upgrade from my P85D. I just don't see any point in upgrading to a current (P)100D as it's largely the same as my current car in most respects. Once they go to a full 21-70 battery pack with...
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    Taking P85D in for 4-year service... Anything I need to consider?

    Yeah, that's sort of what I expect. I've had two handles replaced in the first 4 years, so figure the other two will likely go in years 5-8. Not sure about MCU, but it if goes, then the whole thing pays off.
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    Taking P85D in for 4-year service... Anything I need to consider?

    Yeah, already booked it for this Sat a while back. If it takes a week or two to get the car, that's fine, as long as I have a loaner. Will be interesting to see how they treat issues -- either under original warranty (no deductible) or extended ($200 deductible). I'm actually over 50k miles, but...
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    Taking P85D in for 4-year service... Anything I need to consider?

    Thanks, good call. I will add pano seal to this list. So I bit the bullet and bought the Tesla extended service warranty this afternoon for $4750. It's expensive and there's a reasonable chance I don't make the money back, but I also think there's a very good chance I'm not out the whole $4750...
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    Taking P85D in for 4-year service... Anything I need to consider?

    Is buying an extended warranty from Tesla still an option for a four year old car? Is the generally accepted advice around here to buy an extended warranty versus taking on the risk and paying for repairs out of pocket?
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    Taking P85D in for 4-year service... Anything I need to consider?

    My 4-year warranty is almost up on my 2015 P85D in a couple weeks and I'm taking it in for it's final service under the pre-paid service plan (I did not buy extended service plan when offered, so I think I'm on my own going forward.) Due to life circumstances, I have not been very active in the...
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    Response time of Tesla roadside service is totally FUBAR

    I wouldn't be surprised if it's a 2013. I know a couple 2013 owners and it's a similar story with those early cars -- multiple drivetrain replacements, various battery/charging issues, etc. I'm telling you, they made tons of tweaks/engineering changes in the early years such that new car owners...
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    So, is that it for AP1? Beta forever?

    I've had my AP1 Model S since early 2015 and enjoyed the constant improvements to AP1 until right around the time that AP2 came out, then it pretty much stopped improving. Not that I'm complaining... it's certainly more useful than cruise control in many highway situations, but I sort of...
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    2017.38.4 be12575

    Just got this downloaded at the Service Center. Can confirm no new release notes, just an explanation of Supercharger power data in the NAV.
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    Is the Ludicrous upgrade still available for P85D?

    I would call up your local service center if you want to know definitively, but I'm pretty sure it's no longer available as it was selectable on the online store for some time and no longer is.
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    What is/was insane vs ludicrous vs "performance" again?

    Like beegee said, those cars have identical performance. They'll do 0-60 in 3.1 seconds (with 1-ft rollout). The P85D Ludicrous upgrade (no longer available) brought it down to 2.9 0-60.

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