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    Who needs a roadster when you have model s plaid?

    The question I have is: which one will be available first? My bet is it’ll be the Model S. They would never want to release an inferior Roadster and as it seems little progress has been made (zero announcements whatsoever) I guess they’ll “upgrade” the Roadster design with the new battery. And...
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    Out of curiosity, what do you hate about your Tesla?

    The fact that the media window keeps coming up on the console screen at power-up! I think it’s ugly and don’t want it polluting the screen/map (which I *do* like). Why can’t the SW simply remember the last windows config?
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    Mildly worried about the deposit

    I'm curious. At just 200.000-250.000 and low volumes (sports cars == impractical) why do you believe the Roadster will be very profitable? My feeling is there's not much money in it for Tesla (other than marketing value, which they're actually already enjoying today - long before introduction).
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    Mildly worried about the deposit

    Personally, I'm not so worried about my deposit. Although of course you'll never know, my gamble is that if Tesla is forced to sell the shop, it may go for a (relatively!) cheap price, but the buyer will take on the liabilities. I *am* worried about what this means for the Roadster development...
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    Mildly worried about the deposit

    With "email" do you mean: Report: Musk Orders Company to Cut Costs - Tesla Motors Club ?
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    When do you expect the first deliveries of the 2020 Roadster?

    Really hope you’re right and I’m being overly pessimistic. Especially as I don’t really have a plan B... That’s a big part of the reason that my reservation and hopes are still with Tesla. I would hate to take the refund only to see Tesla making a big splash a week later... :mad: Would love for...
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    Insane+ on P85D

    What’s “launch mode”?
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    Will you put a personalized license plate on your 2020 Roadster ?

    2LTL2LT. :mad: Ok, sorry ... let’s change it to: FUNTSTC :)
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    When do you expect the first deliveries of the 2020 Roadster?

    Yes. And the fact that they’re not (or: no longer) sharing excitement really takes a lot of the “engineering fun” out. So far, Tesla hasn’t made *any* type of gesture towards early reservation holders who they used to treat as some of their most valuable resources. Truth of the matter is that...
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    Getting refund for roadster reservation

    I’m in the same boat. I also think it will not be 2020 but more likely 2021. 2020 is just 9 months away and I just don’t see Tesla giving this any priority. And as initial production will be very slow it will take significant time for the signature deliveries to be made first. That may bring us...
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    Model Y unveiling event 2019-03-14 (official thread)

    Was it just me or was I do only one who initially thought they made a practical joke driving another Model-3 on stage? :oops:;) Nice to see the pics on the web-site now though! Presentation was underwhelming but the car looks nice! :)
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    2020 Roadster @ Supercharger V3 or Model Y Launch

    Very disappointed about the event from my side. Of course it "showed" but was promptly put on the side of the stage. No update on the delivery schedule whatsoever (unless I missed it?). That likely means it's behind schedule unfortunately. 2020 is just around the corner, so they should...
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    No longer on website?

    Yes, it’s back! They’ve put a menu back at the top of the home page. With a direct link to the Roadster. This is great news.
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    No longer on website?

    I’m not sure how stopping promotion of the Roadster would help profitability. Note that the Semi is still prominently featured through a link in the main menu. The Roadster has been demoted to a hard to find link at the bottom of the page though. I’m not saying it’s malicious intent. But it...
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    No longer on website?

    Hope you’re right. It’s at least good to know the Semi pages went missing also. I’m worried/surprised though. I feel Tesla is not doing much to keep the reservation holders “warm”. Many folks have a lot of money riding on “anticipation”. If Tesla doesn’t “fuel” that I fear people may bail out...

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