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    My CPO buying experience timeline

    Sept 19th- Put down deposit online, on a 2014 P85 located in CA. Sept 22nd- Used online tool to message about not hearing from anyone and someone called back that day, was told 4-6 weeks. Oct 3rd- Car had been transferred to CO. Oct 17th- Finished all but paint refinishing and bodywork...
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    Garage rash

    My garage is 8ft wide as well. Do you fold your mirrors in. I have been trying to figure out the width including mirrors and if it will be close call. Thankfully i have a straight shot into the garage. I am more nervous having to open the doors inside the garage.
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    Model S 21” Wheels : Risk of theft and damage

    Is matte black like a powder coated texture?
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    Turo Model S rental

    Insurance limit doesn't apply to tesla. What is the coverage limit for my vehicle as an owner?
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    Ordered CPO - delivering soon

    I put my deposit down on 9/19, hitting 3 weeks tomorrow. Mine had to be delivered from Cali, last tuesday it was being refurbished so I am hoping this week, but I was told 4-6 weeks as well. Wait is killing me.
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    Panoramic roof sunshade?

    Wait, so you can drive with them in? Hrm, might consider them then if thats the case.
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    colorado MS - what kind of tint and how much to wrap??

    Why do you regret getting tint. I am picking up my p85 in the next couple weeks. Think I might do ppf on just the front, since my mustang in 1 year got pretty good paint chips from all the rocks and sand. I def want to tint, just looks good. but wonder why you dont like it.
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    Tesla Model S CPO Website - Now Live

    I reserved my p85 as soon as I saw the email. The other p85 was reserved a minute after I clicked mine. I had been refreshing constantly for a few days. haha Now I just need to wait 3 to 5 more weeks :(