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Recent content by habanero69

  1. habanero69

    Do ALL New 2022 Model S Ordered Come With the Yoke? I ordered in October and it shows it will be supplied with the yoke. I'm sort of on the fence..

    I think I'd prefer to just go with the standard wheel, but if it shows up with the yoke it won't be a no-go. Is there an official way to reach out to tesla to see what options are other than trying an unlikely phone call to a human or ask/confirm in the app where the car is in order/verify status?
  2. habanero69

    Model S 2022 - Is There the TESLA Lettering (strip?) right below where the trunk closes like the 2016 and earlier have ?

    I cannot definitively tell from rear end angled Model S 2022 pictures on the Tesla website or other ramdom site pictures, whether there is the the thin tapered strip (chrome/black) with the raised TESLA block font lettering that exists. I dont see after market parties providing skins or letter...
  3. habanero69

    “Service Request” notification

    I assume this is NOT a mobile service capable fix?
  4. habanero69

    Alarm Mode and Lightening

    Has anyone had issue with the Alarm being set off by either lightening or thunder? Its happened several times and I don't know what the exact 1 of the 2 is the cause. I believe it's the lightening, but the loud thunder rumble might really be the cause. Once I get the ap alert, being away...
  5. habanero69

    Recalls for loose bolt

    Can anyone show an image of what the bolts look like? My wife found a bolt in our driveway and threw it away thinking it was construction debris since homes are still being built on our street. :( It could also be related to my S. That would be a bummer.
  6. habanero69

    Tesmanian Model Y spoiler matte black

    I don't know about the Tesmanian made version's overall quality, but quality of carbon fiber (CF) varies greatly. Also, some people, possibly your husband, just like the look of CF better than matte or gloss black plastics. I have a CF on my S that is 4 years old. It is gloss CF, and was made...
  7. habanero69

    Driver side mirror does not fully adjust

    I'm guessing there's an issue with the mirror. Your height would not have any affect unless it's a vertical adjustment you are missing. I would think for blind spot it would be horizontal. MY will adjust further than I need so again, probably issue that service should check.
  8. habanero69

    Lets see some different aftermarket wheels

    #1, is that a wrap (I'm guessing no), and #2, if it's not WHAT are you using to get such a mirror shine/reflection? Most I've seen so far. :)
  9. habanero69

    Paint repair of scratches from road debris

    I had this guy fix my Model S TWICE where the garage door moving down scratched my bumper WAY WORSE, and he was able to fix in about one hour and you can never tell. About $100-200 was all it cost. https://fixmypaint.com/ Might want to give him a try if able.
  10. habanero69

    Error showing with Samsung usb for recording?

    I feel your frustration. For now, I'm using a very old Sony USB stick with only 32GB; even has poor write speed compared to today's devices. It works until I figure out what to do next. I've not tried to format my Samsung SSD drive from a computer (other than thru car), so I may try that. I...
  11. habanero69

    Possible Wifi Fix for Those That Can't Connect - Check Network Name Error

    I've been dealing with a new Y since delivery on Sept 12th, where it will not connect to ANY wifi network other than my or my wife's iphone's hot spot. My 2 home networks, nope. My ATT portable LTE hotspot, nope. A local Starbux hotspot, nope. Zip, nada. Always failed with "network connection...
  12. habanero69

    Error showing with Samsung usb for recording?

    I have a Samsung SSD 1TB drive that has been working fine UP UNTIL I took this weekends firmware upgrade for the Y. Now sentry will not work at all. It keeps requiring me to format the drive, but as soon as I leave the car, it shuts down any recording by the sentry mode. The car went in for...
  13. habanero69

    My New Y Nearly Stopped.......... for a tree leaf

    I haven sentry, but I've not learned all its in and outs. I know I have the horn honk set to record the last 30 seconds or whatever it does, but I didn't think to do that. I still don't know enough about sentry mode. i.e. Is it recording all the time even when in motion, or just when parked...
  14. habanero69

    My New Y Nearly Stopped.......... for a tree leaf

    Picked up new MY Saturday. Was driving today on divided four lane state highway. Median separated the double lanes had trees of all sizes, most fairly large. Car was on cruise, but not autopilot; 60mph. Out of the left corner of my eye, I caught a decent sized tree leaf beginning to tumble...
  15. habanero69

    iPhone Ringtone - Musk "Bring on the Cybertruck"

    Thought it would be cute as ringtone or sound effect to use as you wish. M

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